Sowing and reaping



He who sows hatred and violence
Is without love and peace
Is slave of his mind
He reaps: Hatred and violence

DidiArtist, 07.05.2021


18 comments on “Sowing and reaping

  1. Love your art. Don’t take this the wrong way. I love your art and want to continue to enjoy it. I hope you won’t take offense if I pass on something I have learned about boarders. Mats look great on pictures hung on a wall but don’t work well with digital art. The reason is they stop the eye dead at the edge and catch and confine the viewers attention into circling the outside rather than fully enjoying the content and moving within it or past the edge. I have had several teachers tell me not to use frames online and this is their logic. Blake Rudis feels very strongly about it. Borders are a detraction that take the viewer away from the image.

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    • Dear Sherry,

      No, don’t worry, it’s perfectly ok for me when you express your opinion. However, I also think it’s ok if I don’t follow conventional art customs. I’m rather a rebel with my own methods and views. It’s true what you say: that the first impression may be distracted by the frame. But the longer one looks and becomes familiar with the picture, the eye moves from the outer frame to the actual picture – it is like music, when you listen to a piece that is light and swinging and contains no “disturbances”, you find it beautiful from the first moment, but if you listen very often, monotony comes into the perception of what you hear. I know music that requires “digestion”, that I don’t like at first, but then a passionate liking grows over time, a timelessness.

      Many years ago, I started framing my digital pictures exactly with seven pixels from the outer edge. So this framing became my emblem. People will recognise my paintings by this emblem.

      My father was already an artist and so is my sister. I also think that copying others’ ideas does not represent one’s own real style. Without question, conventional art also has its own beauty – I myself perhaps represent it less, but then at least that makes me an art individualist.

      No, I don’t misunderstand you – it is quite legitimate for you to express your opinion. But perhaps you can also understand my reasoning.

      Anyway, I thank you, for your sincerity and that you like my artworks despite frames and I would also be happy if I can keep you interested in my digital art.

      Thank you again and all the best to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thanks a lot, my friend – well, my Master Sant Kirpal Singh has taught me a alot when it comes to understand life, to understand our own mind, when it comes to become a conscious person – so all credit goes to Him. Thank you, dear Pat. All the best to you ๐Ÿ™‚


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