Transitory Being



Every moment is a transition
Between here and there
Now and then
Past and present
Between sleep and being awake
Life and death
Space and time
Giving and taking
Between day and night
Bridge of duality
Opening of new gates
Every moment carries eternity
To open new worlds
Passing them

DidiArtist, 08.06.2021


11 comments on “Transitory Being

  1. A period of transition goes with the flow of passing time. A turning point is like a speed bump or fork in the road which could lead to the dame transition or a different one altogether.

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    • Yes, dear Josie, development takes time, is a time factor, is a gradual transition that takes us through experiences and slowly makes us more aware, provided we learn our lessons from the tools that life gives us, digest these things mentally. Thus, all living and dying is an eternal change that slowly develops the spirit, each moment being a fork in the road, a choice of which path to take….

      Thank you for your profound comment, my friend πŸ™‚
      Good night (from my side here)

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