No true life



On the outside we live
Yet inside we are dead…

DidiArtist, 15.06.2021


What type are we?



Give or take?
Blame or brake?
True or fake?
Lazy or make?
Sleep or wake?
Change or break?

What do we want to be?…

DidiArtist, 10.06.2021


Blind to ourselves

Many of us do not even notice
When our behavior
Through words, gestures and deeds
Hurt the feelings of others

In such a way we are blind to ourselves…


Unlimited Love

True love goes beyond the body
It carries its roots into all living beings
Is rooted, connected with everything

DidiArtist, 26.06.2021

One and None

We are a silent observer
At the same time are the stage of the world
Are actors of this drama life

We are not existing
For we are Him:
All life
All Consciousness
All Love
All Light

We are only One and None…

DidiArtist, 25.06.2021

Part of something higher

Only the mind limits us
Our body as an individual
Draws boundaries around us
Spiritually, physically
Spins the threads of the senses
In the intoxication of experience
Yet is part of many “bodies”
All limited for themselves
Woven by an invisible power
As endless units merged together
Within a spiritual collective
Boundless consciousness
Divine Being

DidiArtist, 25.06.2021


Sometimes our laughter overplays
Our insecurity and sadness

Sometimes our self-love covers
Our lack of love and acknowledgement

Sometimes we put on a mask
In order not to be recognized

Sometimes we play the humor card
To hide the seriousness of our life

Sometimes we prefer silence and loneliness
To be entertained by it

Sometimes we set sail
To drift away from problems

Sometimes we run away from ourselves
In order to avoid responsibility

Sometimes we look for company
To better stand the loneliness

Sometimes we question everything
Without finding an answer


DidiArtist, 25.06.2021