The negative power is like a cat
It plays with its victim
Works up an appetite
To strike mercilessly

We must learn to sense
When the inner predator sneaks up on us
And fearlessly face it
When it feels caught, it will flee

It loves to attack from the darkness…

DidiArtist, 29.06.2021

Game of leading people

Who has the power
But is unconscious in many things
Sows the destruction
Is like a weed in the garden of life
Acts irresponsibly
Puts his ego first…

DidiArtist, 24.06.2021

Cosmic consciousness

Consciousness transcends boundaries
Opens the gates to new understanding
Expands the narrow horizon
Connects solar systems, whole universes
Cosmic unity, cosmic consciousness
One in all
All in One
Divine connection
Cosmic Understanding

DidiArtist, 26.06.2021