21 comments on “Human body – the living body of God

  1. Very true and the temple,the church, the masjid everything is in us. We need to be loving ourselves first with compassion and kindness in order to love the humanity. A profound message. Thanks, Didi 😊😊😊😊

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    • My dear friend Kamal,

      I have deeply thought about: Whom we should love first: ourselves? others? or God?
      I arrived to the conclusion that when we love God first, we automatically have love for ourselves and others – as God lives in every creature, in every living impulse.
      In this case we see no separation, not even coming from the mind – but we see Oneness in it, all love is included from the beginning on: so that we can love ourselves and others under the umbrella of God, the love for God. If we love us first: then we cannot love others at the same time (and many people do not include God in this calculation as well) – this is a kind of separation and all kind of separation is coming from our mind (mind separates while soul, the love for all, unites) – it means that maybe in all cases, as it separates the love: first I, means love to myself, then love to others…) this self-love – is ego-love. excuse me, my friend, if I have a different experienced meaning about it – how easy we say something or are convinced about something that many people share: that this is like this and that, this is so and so. However, if we go deeply into this meaning: “I love myself first” – we may come to the same result: to love God first, then I and You is included in this love, while when loving myself first: the others (not to mention God) are first not included, are separated from this self-love. – and isn’t love that is coming from the mind (separation oriented) —ego-love? In this respect we have to be very very careful. I have really read many statements like that: “We have to love us first” – and I really do not want to hurt anyone – but my understanding of it really differs from those sayings. I hope I could make myself understand – in this difficult subject. It is not meant to hurt you in any way, my dear Kamal, but it may also reveal that when we follow certain statements, nod to it, that the result may even be a different one regarding what is considered to be true.

      All the best, my dear friend and much love and light to you πŸ™‚

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