Silent observer of oneself

How big is our contribution
For the world – good or bad?
How many thoughts are bad of us
That make the world worse?
How many of them are good
To make it better?

We keep silent because we don’t know
Because we have an attitude of indifference
Because we let our thoughts run free
Spreading like fire uncontrolled

Every day we fill the world
With good and bad thoughts
Like infecting viruses
A battle of good and evil

Consciousness is being aware
About itself
Where our thoughts lead
What direction they take

When not knowing
We stumble, we fall
Hurt each other
Running after our own thoughts

They carry us from joy to sorrow
In the ups and downs of life
As resonance of all our thoughts
Of our words and deeds

One beat of a butterfly’s wings
Changes the whole world
A single thought as well…

DidiArtist, 01.07.2021

8 comments on “Silent observer of oneself

        • Dear Chuck,

          No, the summer here is usually 2-3 months long. Unusual for Finnish conditions, however, is the prolonged heat of up to over 30 degrees. (Climate change). Then the houses, which are mostly made of wood, heat up and you have problems sleeping when the heat of 30 degrees stays in the houses. This is a no-go by Finnish standards, as we are normally used to temperatures around 25, but not to temperatures above this limit. Then the whole thing becomes torture. This was also the longest period of heat since the weather was recorded.
          Winter here is about 6 months long and spring and autumn have quick transitions.

          A good time to you, dear friend

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