It all starts with honesty

When we change our angle of view
A new understanding is born
By observing ourselves
What we think, feel, say, do
Then the haze of inattention lifts:
Attention – scattered in all winds
That makes us unconscious
Distracted from our own faults
Drives and pulls us into the outside
Out to the market of the world
Lets us sow bad habits

The new point of view will help us
To overcome the old and bad habits

Everything begins with longing for the truth
For the One, Indivisible, Eternal

It all starts with honesty
Before oneself and others
Let alone in front of God…

DidiArtist, 06.05.2021

13 comments on “It all starts with honesty

  1. In my opinion, it is true that “It all starts with honesty”. Yet, honesty starts with each of us when we have the courage to say “yes” or “no” to people around us. When we have the courage to communicate our truth and respect others’ truth. It is sad when we hide behind words and do not have the courage to apply what we say in real life.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem!

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    • Yes, dear Manuela, also courage is a driving power to be honest. Sometimes we are even so unconsious that we do not even feel (in thoughts, words, and deeds) if told a lie, like we do not have enough attention to it or we even tell a lie but put a curtain at once before and we finally believe in our own lie (if it was told many times). Yes, in this condition there are no sharp limits as everything is connected and flowing. Concsciousness is a tool to be aware or have knowledge of what we do, think, and, speak. The deeper we look in ourselves, like a self-analysis, the more we become aware of us. This process is also growing along our own critical point of view (as we usually have with others) – this all is meant with: “Man know thyself” – honesty, courage, willingness, motivation, not even to spare ourselves, is a great contribution to get to know ourselves. The strange thing is, if you ask someone, do you know yourself – the answer will be almost each time you ask: Yes, of course – but in reality we know little and almost about ourselves.

      Thank you, dear Manuela πŸ™‚
      Have a great time, my friend πŸ™‚

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