Thankfulness each moment


Thankfulness is devotion
Contains humbleness
Knows respect
Even pain
Rain in life
Has no conditions
Is no business
Just pure trust

Thankfulness in the heart
To be near to you
To walk with you, Father God
Life of our life

DidiArtist, 01.03.2018


29 comments on “Thankfulness each moment

  1. Thanks for sharing that great piece. “Accepting pain” caught my attention. There is a reason why we can feel it. To learn to live with it constructively and not to avoid it, I find key in many aspects, especially when pursuing self-discipline too.

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    • Thank you very much, dear Mathias – as you put it: not to avoid the pain, but to accept it will even help us to give a turn to positive thinking. And from the karmic point of view pain is just an open bill which we have to repay. If we only think of one life, this life for example, then we do not have any idea why this person comes with strong health another with poor health to the world, or when and why we are struck with unpleasant und often painful things entering our lives. However, if we widen this life to many lives we have already lived and when we think of cause and effect that everything has a reaction, then those echos or reactions, those mirroring of our deeds, words and thoughts suddenly make sense. We have done something in the past and according to the cosmic or divine rule/law it has to be balanced. Isnt it so when we looking into the mirror of our own deeds, then we become aware what we have done. So good things come back with good things and bad actions with bad things. As we sow, so we shall have to reap… In this connection we can accept suffering much better as we have caused it ourselves, it is just a bumerang…

      Thank you very much, dear Mathias πŸ™‚
      Best wishes

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