12 comments on “Death leaves traces

    • My dear Jen,

      We have days and moments when we do not feel so well as soon as we accept these moments of fear and sadness, they become less and when we dive back into our faith and and trust in God, all problems which leave a bad taste in us, get smaller and smaller.

      I wish you strength and courage to handle all situations in your life with the grace of God.

      In Oneness from heart to heart

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      • Thank you for your encouragement, Didi, and your reminder that I need to lean into God. I do appreciate it! My mother’s cancer has returned in her spine, and I’ve started to worry about what’s coming down the road, when I need to focus instead on making memories today. As you say, some days of this sacred journey are more difficult than others. Big hug from my heart to yours, jen

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        • My dear Jen

          Also my wife has cancer and a metastase in lymph knot close to the liver. She got already a three month chemo-therapy. But she had to stop it because when we came from Tenrife we got the real influenza and with it, she got a three months chemo-pause. Last time when we went to the doctor the latest result have been all very good, means in her chemo-pause the cancer was not active and so the doctors could give her another 3 months pause – we were very happy about it. My wife uses a kind of alternative treatment:

          Here you can read more about it:

          Every morining she drinks the Essiac -tea – when you have read about it and if you also would like to try it out for your mother:
          here is the link where you can order it. I have ordered already 3 times and it seems that the Essiac-tea has helped my wife.

          I know it is hard to see our close beloved ones suffer – God knows why and we should allow ourselves to give everything intto hands of God as He is the Doer. A prayer from the heart will also surely be heard by Him.

          Much love and light to you and all good wishes to your mom as well. May God bless you and your family.
          From heart to heart

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          • Thank you, dear Didi. I will look into this tea for my mother. Please know I will send love and light to your wife each day when I pray; may she have many healthy days yet to come!! Enjoy the weekend, my friend. In Oneness, jen

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        • My dear friend Jen,
          Just wanted to answer your good wishes you have for my wife and this moment when trying to write, your message disappeared. This happens when the cursor is not in the field and you start writing. Not so nicely programmed by wordpress. However, nevertheless, I remember your words and am very thankful to you and also for your prayers for my wife. Also for your mom: May God help her.
          In Oneness yours friend

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          • Dear Khai,

            Yes, it is always painful when someone very close to us has to leave us, especially when it is our mother or father, When we believe in God and have much confidence in Him, as He is the giver of life, the Father of all creation, then our pain reduces to a certain limit as we know that He, as the Doer will take care of His child – and who is able to take better care than He. So then we can let go and wishing our beloved mother or father or child or friend a good journey Home in the care of God. I have lost my mother when I was 24 years old and my father when I was 35 years old – some day we will all be together again as drops (souls) in His vast Ocean of love, light and life.

            All the best, my dear friend and may you, your family and your mother be blessed.
            From heart to heart

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