Everything is flowing



Opposites flow into each other
Create centres, islands, oases
Appear isolated, separated from each other

Consciousness flows, forms life
As self-reflection
Stretches out into the Unknown

Between: vacuum of being and non-being
Flux, connection of opposites
Living stars, islands of consciousness

Everything is flowing, draws extreme
Seeks itself in the middle, the centre
Is al-one, yet all-one.

Everything is connected
From Spirit to spirit
Overcomes, boundaries, barriers

Time and space
Only are dreams
Flow of Light and life

Everything beyond
Words, thoughts, imagination…

DidiArtist, 26.09.2019


11 comments on “Everything is flowing

    • Dear Savvy,

      This idea came yesterday to my mind. We are all those islands in the conscious sea of life beyond time and space. But why do we feel separated if you still come from the same souce? – so I thought that even our consciousness, awareness that we are has fading atmosphere of consciousness. The more we take distance from it, so more we enter the realm of unconsciousness, the vaccum between islands of consciousness, the more the fading border between consciousness and unconsciousness takes place – so that each of us feels alone, and nevertheless all-one. We are like planets, solar systems, galaxies, unverses with building up consciousnesses. When the focus of a window in a computer system is placed on just the first window that is to be seen on top of all windows behind – then we “see”, are aware of it, as we are aware each of us ourselves, as each of us has its focus, his or her special “window” (self-consciousness) on the top. But something that is neither a stillstand nor a movement contains All and Everything, All and Nothing… this is our condition beyond our sensual awareness, beyond any imagination… just Oneness in which all opposites illusively run..

      Thank you, my friend 🙂
      Have a great weekend

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