Fight for names

We entrench ourselves behind names
defend them with claws and teeth
In all areas
Do we not know
Truth bears all names and none?

Therein lies innocence and unity, Oneness
For names bear the quality of duality….

DidiArtist, 28.07.2021

4 comments on “Fight for names

  1. great post! Names seem to be like imposters for truth. If we know a name, we tend to convince ourselves and others we know all there is about something and yet when we delve into our knowing, we most often know very little that lies beneath the surface. Our knowing a name seems to be more often than not heavily laced with our beliefs, opinions and projections. If we know lots of names we are thought of as intelligent and well informed, yet deeper knowing can be as lacking as the one who does not know the name.

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    • Thank you, dear Georg 🙂

      Indeed, we often see things with our intellect – sometimes less is more – a scholar is not necessary better because he “knows” so much than a simple person with a warm heart.

      Names are only sound and smoke and deepen the duality with every new explanation, justification, new words – which are nothing other than the attempt to fence the seen and unseen, the describable and the indescribable into boundaries, the attempt to detach the individual from the totality. And everyone accesses these words and puts their own idea into them, creates new boundaries, divides.

      Thanks you, Georg, your support and comment is well appreciated 🙂
      All the best, my friend 🙂

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