Differentiation of feelings between mind and soul

Our mind harbours many negative feelings:
Jealousy, pride, aggression, resentment
Envy, arrogance, conceit, feelings of power
Vanity, narcissistic self-love, accusation
Feelings of lust, self-gratification, self-indulgence
Anger, fear, disgust, exaggeration
Contempt, hatred, desires, greed
Guilt, obstinacy, lies, crimes etc.

Our soul overflows into feelings of the heart:
Love, compassion, pity, generosity
Sacrifice, helping, affection
Selflessness, goodness
Kindness, balance, mercy
Patience, sharing, caring
Courage, serenity, joy
Honesty, constancy, discipline etc.

These feelings are our compass
Give direction
Mix daily
Have their own colour

Let’s take a bath in the heart
To come out with humanity
Human, positive values
In the awareness: we are all one…

DidiArtist, 04.07.2021

23 comments on “Differentiation of feelings between mind and soul

        • Our body is like an onion – here, in this world, we do have a physical body, in the next world, when leaving the pysical body we have the astral body (also consists still of matter, but much less matter), and above the astral plane there is the causal plane, there we have a causal body – these three worlds still belong to the negative power, it does not want us to go away and by coming and going (reincarnation as a result of our thoughts, words and deeds), this negative power, KAL, Devil, Satan, Maya, illusion or however you would like to call it), it has no interest to let us go and so we have to come back to the physical world as animal, or plant and in the golden opportunity as man (man is next to God and only in a human form we can go back to home eternal with the help of God or a competent Master who can give us a first-hand experience of light and sound inside) – in this case we can leave the body, still connected with the silver cord, to higher regions, above the matter dimensions. This can only be done with a pure mind when the mind is no longer controlling us – the mind is like fire: a bad master, but can be a good servant when it is controlled. With the help of Shabd it can be controlled. The Masters like Kabir, Guru Nanank, Guru Gobind Singh, Christ, Sant Kirpal Singh they have taught us how to rise above the body-consciousness. So it is possible, my friend – but it requires strict diciplin and obey the commandments of the true Masters.
          Thank you for your support, my dear friend Kamal πŸ™‚
          Also for your family all that is good for you πŸ™‚
          Love and light

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          • Thank you always for your valuable and profound explanation dear Didi. The Masters have taught all of us humanity how to rise above body consciousness and this is what we need to learn from them with strict discipline and concentration. Take care and stay blessed.

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                • There are Masters in the realms of pure consciousness starting from Sach Khand up to Alakh, Agam und Anami – Anami is the highest, where the Absolute God is living, the Formless One – those coming from Sach Khand for example they are not living in every one, but those like Kabir, Baba Jaimal Singh, Guru Gobind Singh and Sant Kirpal Singh they come from Anami – they indeed live in everyone as they are one with the God-power while the other Masters starting from Sach Khand are dependent from the God-power of Anami. So this God-power in Anami is independent, it has no one besides. Those Masters from this highest region they are the makers of the Masters, and nevertheless they are One in this region as one divine power.
                  Hugs and love, my friend πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


        • The process to rise above body-consciousness is the same what happens at the time of death: all the life-energy gathers from the extremities (starting from the feet) to come to the third eye which is behind and between the eye-brows. There the soul leaves the body. And when going through the middleway in a real meditation then we can leave also our body through many inner worlds until we can see the radiant form of God. It is not a death, because we are still connected through the silver cord, but it is the same thing what happens at the time of death. What happens at the time of death is a long long story: If you like you can read the book from Sant Kirpal Singh: “The Mystery of Death”.

          From heart to heart


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