11 comments on “In search of Self and God – by Sant Kirpal Singh

    • Thank you dear Harbhans 🙂

      Now I inform you that I am going to withdraw from WordPress for a while and even from my computer, because I have severe health problems with my eyes. So I do not know when to come back but as soon my eyes have become better (possibly by an operation) I will return.

      My thankfulness goes to you as you have been a faithful comrade at my blog-side.
      Thank you, dear friend Harbhans all your support 🙂

      For you and your family all that is good for you. In silence go deep inside on your path of spirituality and see the truth.

      Many hugs in friendship from my heart to yours

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      • Really a very sad news especially for me since I have gained much spiritual knowledge from you.

        I PRAY FOR YOUR QUICK RECOVERY of eyesight very soon so that many like me could continue gaining from your know-how.

        We should keep in mind that in His domain anything and everything could happen any time including your eye sight. I may cite my example; I used to put on my eye-specks with power 3+ (which I put more than 15 years) but due to God’s grace, five years before I left putting on specks and my eyesight is perfect. I believe anything is possible when HE WANTS.


        Wishing you and your family all graces of GOD.



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        • My dear friend Harbhans,

          Thank you very much for having supported me over a longer period of time with your great comments.

          Yes, everything is in God’s hands as He is the Doer. Anyway, I will also do my part and go to the eye-doctor. They will tell me more quite soon and surely know how to treat my eyes accordingly.

          Thank you also for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your family, my friend.

          Hugs and love and take care my friend 🙂

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