Dawn of the Golden Age



In labour lies
Accompanied by
Pain and cries

Mankind is pregnant
Breathes heavily
Is under heavy pressure
To give birth to a baby:

The Golden Age…

DidiArtist, 10.11.2020


11 comments on “Dawn of the Golden Age

    • Dear Tanvir,

      No, my friend, it is no sarcasm. It means that our mankind will go through very difficult times to come but at the end of the tunnel the morning of the Golden Age will reach us, will bring a better life to whole mankind. Unfortunately, it seems that we only learn via pain and sorrow. A problem is when when hate is inviting us, taking our hands and we are infected by it like virus – so we have to detach us from everything that promotes ego, hate, greed, lust, attachment, anger. We are in this world but not from this world.

      All that is good for and yours and for the whole mankind.

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    • Thank you, dear Chuck
      I think the only reason, why Trump is not willing to confess that he has lost is that he possibly fears the damocles sword of going to face court judgement in over 30 cases. I will be happy when finally Biden is taking over his business as a President of America and the world can finally relax again.

      All the best, my friend 🙂


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