6 comments on “Running like programmes

    • To control our own thoughts, to be aware of them, to be aware of our doings as a result – that is why Saints and Sants gave us the advice: “Think twice before speaking or doing…” So we have to be aware of each moment, each thought, each background motive – this is the solution of becoming conscious while automatism is controlled by our mind… However, when we are true seekers after truth we also know that there should only be one dependency: the dependency of God, and only with the help of God we can overcome our own mind… as long as we are unaware of our doings and thoughts we are dependent on our mind, we are like running programmes or do habits automatically… If you are interested in reading some books from Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, the following link gives you a much deeper insight look and understanding from the words by Sant Kirpal Singh and the books written by Him. (They are free in PDF-Format).


      Thank you very much and a good journey for your life 🙂


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