Peace and love to the whole world

Dear brothers and sister all over the world,

May there be peace and understanding between peoples and people

All my good wishes for all of you. Let’s make this year, a better year…

Yours brother

63 comments on “Peace and love to the whole world

  1. The picture is so beautiful, Didi! Happy new year to you and yours in Finland, my dear friend. Warmest wishes, love and blessings from Malaysia. ˚ʚ(Β΄β—‘`)ΙžΛšΛ™ΛšΚš(Β΄β—‘`)ΙžΛšΛ™ΛšΚš(Β΄β—‘`)ΙžΛšΛ™ΛšΚš(Β΄β—‘`)ΙžΛšΛ™ΛšΚš(Β΄β—‘`)ΙžΛšΛ™ΛšΚš(Β΄β—‘`)ΙžΛšΛ™ΛšΚš(Β΄β—‘`)ΙžΛšΛ™

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  2. I hope this year will be
    One that you look forward to with glee.
    One that will see your dreams come true
    And one that will bring enjoyment to you.
    Happy 2020!

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    • Thank you very much, dear Kally πŸ™‚

      May love govern the world in 2020 not hate and violence.
      May understanding rule among people not disputes
      May respect reach the hearts of people with the understanding that we are ALL one in the One…

      A blissful 2020 to all of us
      Best wishes

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    • Yes, I really wish that the world comes together in peace and harmony and that it is not longer split in two two groups: vaccination pro and vaccination contra… it only is oil on the fire…
      Thank you, my dear friend πŸ™‚
      Hugs and love

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      • Indee, Didi! It feels like a world war with no weapons needed. It’s all about mind control and instilling fear. I wish for a better world for my daughters. Κšβ™‘βƒ›Ιž(ΰ₯‚β€’α΄—β€’ΰ₯‚❁)

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