Body, mind, and soul – by Sant Kirpal Singh


Man consists of three parts: the body, the mind, and the soul. In spirituality, mind is defined not only as emotions and feelings but also consists of intellect, the self-assertive ego, our imaginations, and wishes, as well as the stored karmic impressions of this life and all previous lives.

The whole world is in the grip and mercy of the mind. Mind is made of matter, it takes the energy from the soul and has acquired astral form in the body and works with four different phases:

It absorbs the attention (the attention is the outer expression of the soul, the soul is working outside through the attention) The result of the attention i.e. its activities. It differentiates through the intellect and affects the intellect in its own way, draws inferences out of differentiation
The mind keeps the man busy through reading, writing, feeling, emotion, drawing inferences on its own way. It also creates desires and identifies itself through the senses and sense organs. Temporarily it has made the soul blind and the soul does not discriminate since the procedure, the mind has developed, is very tedious and uneven.

Sant Kirpal Singh


8 comments on “Body, mind, and soul – by Sant Kirpal Singh

  1. I wonder what Sant Kirpal Singh would say with the current events in the world? I try my best not to watch the news but complete avoidance in like sticking your head in the sand. There is a global unrest, maybe things have to get worse to get better.

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    • Sant Kirpal Singh surely knows it as He and Kabir come from the highest plane called ANAMI (ANAMI – The Nameless; the Absolute Formless God; the Essence before it comes into expression or existence; the eighth and final spiritual stage. Same as Maha Dayal, Nirala and Soami) – After He has left the body in 1974 many times he materialized in front of developed and very devoted disciples. I know myself very reliable and humble disciples of Sant Kirpal Singh who have seen Him coming to them. When He left the body there were a number of disciples and they had the same vision: Master appeared shortly after He has left the body and spoke to them: “It is not me, who is dead – you are dead…” As long we are unable to rise above body-consciousness in fact, we are still dead… Kabir said: “All men are sleeping, if there is one waking up, please of Lord hold your hands over him.” If you are interested in getting to know more about His competency, I recommend to read some books He has written, really treasures of spirituality.

      The are all free to read as Sant Kirpal Singh emphasized: truth should be available for all people free of charge and spirituality is an important pillar of the truth.

      There is a reason behind, why we all have to face such a difficult time – only through pain and suffering man is ready to understand, to learn from it. when we touch fire, it will burn our hands, but next time we are more careful. As you write in your last sentence: …maybe things have to get worse to get better… this is exactly what happens…
      Thank you very much, dear friend πŸ™‚
      Glad to have your support πŸ™‚
      All the best

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