Mind – Intellect – Ego — by Sant Kirpal Singh


The mind by itself is not conscious. It is the consciousness of the soul that the mind reflects. Anyone whose soul is under the mind’s influence and control becomes an image of the mind, for he forgets his true self. We call this ego or I-hood for one thinks, “I am everything”. God plus mind is man and man minus mind is God.

In the temple of God (the body), the mind drags us downward, away from the truth. It is because of the mind that we cannot partake of that which is inside us. It drags us down like a weight of iron. In turn, the senses are dragging the mind, and the pleasures of the world are dragging the senses. If the attention withdraws from outer environments, leave the senses and calms the mind, then only does it realize that it is soul. Our mind is the barrier between soul and God.

6 comments on “Mind – Intellect – Ego — by Sant Kirpal Singh

  1. Sagacious enunciation. Mind, when reined in, can enrich the way of living besides we shall remain in connectivity with our God since whatever we do, our heart and brain would be in sync. Regards.

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    • Thank you, dear Harbhans,
      Unfortunately, the most difficult thing is to control our mind as usually our mind controls our soul and mind itself is controlled by sensual organs. We need only to observe ourselves for a short time and see that we controlled by our mind: we are like an chamelon that changes the colour/feelings and emotions within a short time in many different diretions. – to tame it requires our never ending discipline, vigilance, help from the competent Master, to analyze us permanently, our thoughts, our words, our deeds and to learn all the tricks it uses upon us – in many cases we are not even aware of how the mind plays with us, controls us. This process of taming the mind last till the end of our last breath.
      Thank you one more time and all the best, dear friend 🙂

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      • Yes sir, the traits of chameleon should not be allowed to influence our mind and thereafter our soul. This way, we lose everything under the sun.

        All your wisdom filled words are an education in itself to be made applicable in our lies.

        Thanks and regards

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