15 comments on “Mystery of Life – by Sant Kirpal Singh

      • Thanks a million Didi Sir for sending me the link of the book titled MYSTERY OF DEATH written by THE MASTER.

        I shall go through the same and get enlightenment from the same.


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        • Welcome, my friend 🙂

          When my condition is better again (without glasses I can hardly see anything and have to use strong glasses + 4,5 – this happened during last 3 weeks and doctors still have to find out the reason) – then I will return and I may suggest further books from Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. However, when I come back this is in God’s hands, dear Harbhans.

          With warm regards

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          • With God’s grace, you will come back with your eye sight restored very soon.

            I shall wait for the day when you suggest more books from SANT KIRPAL SINGH JI.


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              • We should always have self belief along with formidable belief on our CREATOR. He must have some other plans for you, a more meaningful for the time being till full restoration of your eye sight.

                It was really nice to have associated with you.

                WITH WARM REGARDS

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