Suffering wars

People are incited against each other
Enemy images inculcated, created
People who do not know each other
Fight against each other
Point weapons at one another
Kill the other, hate the other
Must follow orders
Under coercive threats
Orders that come from above
That decide on war or peace
In strategies of defence or attacks
For always finding reasons
To point weapons at each other
To build up threatening scenes
To whet the appetite
To satisfy the power instinct of individuals
Who hide their machinations
In alibis and lies
Telling people
It is for their benefit

When will the last man realize
That wars only bring suffering
Victories bought with millions of victims
That does not justify a so-called victory
It is only an expression
Of human weakness, of human abyss

Peace begins in the heart
Of every individual…

DidiArtist, 24.01.2022