Action and impact

Our deeds are reflecting themselves
In an invisible mirror infinitely
Whether good or bad
Like ripples of cause and effect

DidiArtist, 25.02.2022

They will suffer for making others suffer

Who wants to defend his lie
Always needs new lies
The warlords know that
They do everything
To spread false news
To make their crime credible

But the time will come
When they must bear witness
Then it will be too late
To repent their evil actions

And it will be done to them
What they have done to others
They will learn how it is
To make others suffer

They will pay a high price
And their present laughing
Will then cease
Indeed, they will learn their lessons

However, they are bound into this cosmic law
When they sow violence
They will reap violence
A bitter lesson…

DidiArtist, 25.02.2022

Cain slew his brother Abel

Scientifically it has been proven
That everything is connected
Like the Drop with the Ocean
We are all one big family
It is politics
Which has not yet been understood
Caused by misunderstanding and ignorance

Man runs with his head against the wall
When he realises what he has done to his family
Because when hurting other family members
He only hurts himself
And the wave of the ocean of life
Strikes back

DidiArtist, 25.02.2022

We are a bundle of possibilities

Like cell division
Our possibilities divide
From which we extract ourselves
What we are
What we want to be

Possibilities are interconnected
The spirit seeks and feeds on them
Makes decision from a selection
Filters ideas and ways from it
Creates new possibilities

We are quark- and Higg particles of possibilities
A spatial and temporal division

It is the creator who creates out of Himself
Endless possibilities, spiritual possibilities

Quantum mechanical spirits…

DidiArtist, 20.02.2022


As long there is being
There it just is
As long there is non-being
There it just is

But is there not a being
That is beyond being and non-being?

The intellect knocks at this door
But it remains closed to it…

DidiArtist, 20.02.2022