“Man! Know Thyself” – by Sant Kirpal Singh – Part 3

Dear friends,

This is the third smaller part of the very important subject: “Man know thyself!” – by Sant Kirpal Singh
which can be read also here:

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Peace and harmony in your heart

The Teachings of the Masters (Man-making)

A man, according to the Science of Para-Vidya, is not entitled to be called a man in the true sense of the word, unless he has full knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of his distinguished position in Creation, his several component parts – body, mind and soul – in order of comparative importance, and of his relationship to the Unseen Power, called God, which is to be achieved while he is living on this earth. He who does not understand this much has not even been introduced to the first lesson and is yet to begin the Alphabet of Man The Saints, therefore, impress upon us the need for ‘Man-making’.


When scientifically observed facts drawn from practice and experiment are explained verbally to a gathering by a Master Saint, it is called Satsang (external). This Satsang constitutes the theoretical side of the teachings; whereas the actual demonstration given to develop and achieve inner advancement is the practical part, called meditation or Satsang (internal). Conscientious practice brings fruit within days or weeks and it is not necessary to wait years for results, though progress also depends to some extent on one’s past background. A true Master gives a first-hand inner experience at the very first sitting. When the practical side is neglected due to lack of firmness or determination, carelessness or pressure of circumstances, scholars of many religious schools dwell more and more upon theory alone. The decline of the science then commences and man finds no solace. This is usually the case when a master leaves the body. Adequate provision however is made for the revival of this science in every age, when both the positive and negative powers commence their rounds again: the former through the agency of Master-souls, while the latter works through persons – so-called masters – who lack practical experience or are lost in theoretical disputations. Master-souls, though quite ordinary men in appearance, are a great deal more. Just as it is difficult for us to judge a scientist, a doctor or an engineer until they speak out or display their skill and knowledge, so too we cannot recognize the knowledge and authority of a Master until we have experienced the Divine Power working through Him.

In this science there is no secrecy or mystery. The objective is constructive and beneficial to all, and so the Saints have torn aside the curtain of secrecy which usually covers mystic teachings to make them available to each and every one who calls. There is an Unseen Power working through the Saints. Why this Power prefers to remain concealed from the human eye is a question to be asked directly by contacting the human pole through whom this Power is working. This is the only medium of approach to this Power. If we wish to use electric energy we must go to a switch or pole which will put us in contact with the powerhouse. The Unseen Power may be called a Sea of Love. When we wish to bathe in the sea, we go to the edge where the shallow waters begin and then say that we have bathed in the sea. Thus, to experience this Power and to derive benefit from it, we must go to the only source of contact – a Master Saint.

9 comments on ““Man! Know Thyself” – by Sant Kirpal Singh – Part 3

    • Thank you dear friend – yes, to know oneself is in fact the essence of “Man know thyself” – so we have to be conscious in all our thoughts, words and deeds, to know ahead the consequences and effects our all our doings and when we follow a non-violence life (even in our thoughts), when being honest to ourselves, others and God in us, then we have the good chance to get to know our mind, how it is working, what motive it has to convince us to do this or that – in such a way we do not learn to understand ourselves, but also others whose mind is more or less working in the same way.

      Thank you, my friend and have a great day 🙂

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  1. Full knowledge.. that made me laugh as very few have got that.

    Like everyone I have my faults but it has taken be over 40 years to evolve, and for those that are on the path my advice, learn to enjoy the journey because if your goal is enlightenment you will never reach it….. as you will have given up well before it arrives.

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    • Dear friend,

      Thank you very much 🙂
      Our mind is like fast food: everything it wants to have at once, to be a doctor in a weekend seminar, to be scholar in few days, to be a wise man by reading only books etc. Only when we overcome this tricky mind in us with the help of the God-Power then we may clearly see the purpose of our life and to live up practically to it. So everything is a time factor and so is also our development regarding becoming more and more conscious. It is like a small plant that needs reain and sun to grow, as we need good and bad days, bitter and sweet medicine to learn from. So discipline and strict honesty even against ourselves is necessary to get to know who we really are, what lies in us. As salmons get back to their source so we also have to get back to our sourse – the drop merges with the Ocean, asvthe sunbeam has its light from the sun – but to become conscious of ourselves is a life-long fight to understand the functioning of our own mind. As we think so we become…
      Thank you very much for your contribution, dear friend 🙂
      All the best


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