“Man! Know Thyself” – by Sant Kirpal Singh – Part 8

Dear friends,

This is the eighth part of the very important subject: “Man know thyself!” – by Sant Kirpal Singh
which can be read also here:

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Peace and harmony in your heart

The Science

In the physical body, two main currents are working that control life: one a motor current (breathing or prana) and the other a sensory current, which may also be called attention or surat. The Masters ignore the former so that the breathing is not interfered with and the life process goes on. The sensory current ramifies throughout the entire body, but its main centre lies between and behind the two eyebrows, along with the mind. We have to withdraw the sensory current or spirit to its centre.



The mind will not allow man to have knowledge of the soul. Its nature is to seek pleasure and its constant fluctuations are difficult to subdue. Attuning one’s self with the internal sound current is the best way to calm the mind and practice concentration. It does not matter what school of thought or society a man may belong to. He has not to convert himself and can remain where he is. There are no hard and fast rules, no rituals, no ceremonies, no pomp and show, no offering of gifts, not even of flowers. All that a disciple has to do is to enter inside and henceforth consider the body as his laboratory. With regard to the theory, he has to understand the following, which is briefly the pith of what he will hear at Satsangs:

1) The Master is not the body, He is the Power functioning through the body and uses it to teach and guide man in much the same way as a spirit uses a medium. Only in bodily form will the disciple be able to recognize his Master in the higher regions and here on earth.

2) The Master is Shabd, Word, Nad, etc., all of which refer to the God-into-expression Power of light and sound principle. By having contact with this Power, man is led back to his true home.

3) For the sake of those who are disillusioned with life, and who yearn for permanent happiness and peace away from the world and its worries, the Word assumes a body to afford them solace. The Bible says, “Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.” Once a disciple contacts this Word (which is done at the time of Initiation by the Master), the audible form of this Word resides within him every moment of the day and night and never leaves him – not even after the end of man’s physical existence on earth. It will go with him and stay with him until he achieves the final goal. The Word is also known as the voice of God or the sound current, and is the Life impulse given by the Master at the time of Initiation. It may be heard as a sound coming from a distance and gradually develops into such sweetness that no music on earth can excel it. It is the Water of Life, the Spring of Immortality, the Elixir of Life, the Nectar of Spirituality, etc., that is spoken of in Holy Books.

4) Man has an inner eye with which he can see within himself all the higher regions when the veil is rent asunder by a competent living Master. In this state he remains perfectly conscious and undergoes amazing experiences. To ascend into the higher regions without a competent Master is fraught with dangers.



The repetition of the Holy Names is given to the disciple at the time of Initiation as a guard against all dangers. It acts also as a password to all spiritual planes, gives strength and sustenance to the body and mind during trouble and afflictions, brings the soul nearer to the Master, is instrumental in achieving concentration, and imparts many other diverse powers. Simran taught by a so-called master is just a bunch of words. But these very words become electrified when charged with the attention and grace of a real Master.

Initiation commences with the explanation and description of inner spiritual regions and the way in which the path is to be pursued. The opening of the inner vision to see the inner regions, with their distinct heavenly lights, together with the contact with the divine link or sound current, constitutes the practical side of Initiation. Daily practice of these, combined with Simran, is meditation. In addition to this, the Master gives instructions on pure and simple living, the need of devoting regular time to the practices, and other words of sound advice. The whole ceremony takes from two to three hours. Diaries of one’s spiritual progress must be kept and the mistakes of old and new disciples are corrected from time to time to insure progress.



19 comments on ““Man! Know Thyself” – by Sant Kirpal Singh – Part 8

    • We all can learn form the Words of competent Masters, they even sacrified their lives for us to bring in our heart some spiritual understanding. When we follow their words we quickly can make progress on our way.
      From heart to heart

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        • Dear friend Harbans

          Competent Masters are the ones who can give a real first-hand experience into the beyond, they are the true tools in the hand of God, God expresses in them and they are also called: God-man or God in man as they have overcome their mind, their personality, they emptied themselves from themselves so that the God power can work in them and with them. In the Golden Age no living Master is necessary as this power works 100% It is the God into expression power that works now. in the Iron Age, Kali Yuga, people were less developed regarding spritituality: Man know thyself and therefore only about 70%, more or less, of this Power was working like if you have bulb with lets say 50% of light or 50 watt, then with 60% or 60 watt, then 70% or 70 watt and then 100% or 100watt – depending on the time and demand (how people are developed).

          Thanks my friend

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          • Didi sir,

            My grateful thanks for enlightening me on COMPETENT MASTERS. I, wholeheartedly agree with your viewpoints.

            I am of the view that whosoever gives me even a slightest of know-how is the instrument of my enlightenment. Whatever little knowledge I have, is due to the grace of all the MASTERS and I am a students ever since I have realized myself as an individual.

            Your know-how about development of humans in different ages is really an eye-opener.

            My sincere thanks for all the enlightening words.


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            • Dear Harbans

              Lets give this credit to Sant Kirpal Singh and all competent Masters. Then a point will come in our lives that we know that book knowledge alone will not bring us forward. This maybe the first step to know the theory of the universal teaching and our step should then be to put all what they have taught us into practice. I give an example: We read a book about water but are we able to squeeze even one drop of water out of the book? No – it reqguires that we all have to put into practice and then the experiences the Masters speak of will become our experiences too…

              Thanks my friend and I am happy for your interest in the most important subject: spirituality – when we do one step the God power will approach us with thousands of steps…

              Warm greetings

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              • Didi Sir,

                Interacting with you is revelation in itself. Whenever I get the answer to my doubts, it brings an inner satiety. I have been hovering here there and everywhere for some queries which now to a limit are addressed after I read your wisdom filled words and phrases – which shows your inner potential.

                Affirmative, reading gives us know-how but it does not give us proof that the knowledge known to us is useful or otherwise till we utilize that practically.

                I have been following spirituality from the early stage of my life although I was not knowing its meaning earlier on. I consider spirituality as following positive oriented life, be simple, be compassionate/kind, do our duty to the best of our belief and knowledge and leave result on our Bhagwanji, associate Him with our day to day routine, never speak ill of others, never follow the negative oriented lifestyle, in that lust, anger, jealousy, rancor, bitterness etc and as far as possible try not to harm others in words and deeds. If this is the spirituality then I, with God’s grace have been following from my early childhood.

                May be all these have helped me in connecting with our GOD whenever and wherever I am.

                With warm regards,

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                • My dear friend Harbans

                  Thank you very much for your thoughts and words. We are born with some purpose to solve the riddle of death and life, to return HOME, to our true HOME in God and therefore we must know ourselves in all shades and grades, we have to know all the tricks of our mind and get in touch with a competent Master who can give a first hand experience to rise us above our body consciousness – it is a starting capital which we have to multiply, it is a longer process to clean our mind, to become very pure in ourselves – when we are able to transcendent into the pure conscious region and go there at our free will many hundreds of time every day – then we really know what death means, what we will expect when some day we have to leave the body – this is the same procedure, this kind of mediation that is called also: Surat Shabd Yoga, when we see the inner light as also taught by Jesus Christ, Kabir, Nanank etc. and here the inner Sounds -then we are really connected with our Father and our long long journey will come to an end… let us have yearning for God with the tears of our souls, then for sure, God will make every arrangement…

                  I recommend to watch this video:

                  Hugs from my heart

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