You have to die before dying… quote by Shams Tabrizi

“It is never late to ask yourself “Am I ready to change my life, Am I ready to change myself”? However old we are, whatever we went through, it’s always possible to reborn. If each day is the copy of the last one, what a pity! Every breath is a chance to reborn. But to reborn into a new life, you have to die before dying.”


My dear friends,

This quote by Shams Tabrizi, a Sufi Master of Master of Maulana Rumi requires a closer look to make it undstand. Beneath you will find the explanation of it:

May you all have a happy time in Him


We are all under a grand delusion. What is this delusion in which we are adrift? We are the indweller of the manbody but have become identified with the body so much so that we have become as if we were the body itself. This body has been given to you with the grace of God to find your way back to Him. You are conscious entities, a drop of the Ocean of all Consciousness. With His grace you have got the manbody, the highest rung in Creation, in which you can go back to the true Home of your Father. We are under a grand delusion for two reasons. The body is made of matter, the whole world is made of matter. Matter is changing every minute and at the same speed as our body is changing. If two things are changing at the same speed and we are identified with one of them, then both appear to be stationary. Suppose some men are rowing in a boat and the boat is going in the same direction as the flow of the river. If you are identified with the boat and the speed of the boat and the river is the same, then you appear to be stationary. The question arises of how to be out of this delusion? The body and the world, both of which are made of matter, are changing. There are two ways to be out of this delusion. One is by far sight. When a man is sitting in a boat he should look to the shoals of the river and he will find that he is going downstream. But the best way is to be out of the boat. So the Masters advise, “O man, you are under a grand delusion, whether you are learned or unlearned, rich or poor. You must be out of this delusion to enable you to see this world in its right perspective”.

So there are two ways and the first one is by far sight. Another effective way is to go and sit in a graveyard, or in a place where dead bodies are burnt. At these places you will see people bearing dead bodies on their shoulders, either to bury them or to consign them to the flames. But we have forgotten ourselves so much that although we see with our own eyes or carry dead bodies on our own shoulders, we are still not convinced that one day we have to leave the body. How grand a delusion it is! So one way is like that, and the other way is to be out of the body. If you were out of the boat, you would see the boat and the men who were identified with it all going downstream. So to see this, the Masters have said, “You must learn how to leave the body – Learn to die so that you may begin to live”. You must rise above bodyconsciousness, then you will see everything in its right perspective. So this is our condition in the body which we are carrying. The question then arises, what about our relatives? We have been brought together as a reaction of our past karmas, our give and take. When that is finished, everybody has to leave, to take his own way. This body won’t remain here with us, nor will others who come as a reaction of the past. They will also have to leave us, or we will leave them. All our possessions have also to be left here. This very body, the first companion that we get on being born into this world must be left behind. When our body must be left behind, how can all other things which have come in connection with the body go along with us? This place, the earth or manbody, is not the place to live forever. We have to leave some day, sooner or later. Very great philosophers have come to the world, Masters have come to the world. They all had a manbody and they left it. There is no exception to the rule. Unless we have got the right view, we cannot see things as they truly are. Masters say, “You have to leave this world. These things will remain here, you will go empty handed”. But still we are not convinced. To see things in their right colour, there are only two ways. One is by far sight, just as a man rowing in a boat looks to the shoals of a river, or the other way is to leave the boat. So this is the grand delusion in which we are all going down. When these things are brought home to us, then our angle of vision will change.

Why do we squeeze the blood of others? Why do we torment them? They have the same manbody as we have got. They are of the same essence of God, like us a drop of the Ocean of all Consciousness. The same Controlling Power is keeping everyone of us in the body. The highest aim is to rise into God consciousness. That will come only when you know your Self, who you are. You are not the manbody, you are dwelling in the manbody, the highest rung in all Creation. We have to make the best use of it and that is, how we can be out of it. For this purpose, Masters always advise us to rise above body consciousness. “Learn to die so that you may begin to live”. You will have the right spectacles to see through if you do this. Everything will appear in its right perspective. This is why all Masters have said, “Know Thy Self”. We are bearing the labels of the different schools of thought in which we have joined only to realize this truth. When you know your Self, then only will your attachments be cut off.

You people have come from America for one, two, three or six months. You know that you have to go back. Although you are here enjoying, still you know you have to return. If you just have that angle of vision by rising above body-consciousness, you will always be conscious in knowing that this is not your home. The Home of the soul is the Home of our Father. We are fortunate in having the manbody, in which we can go back to the Home of our True Father. This cannot be done in the lower orders of Creation. They come only to reap the reaction of what they have acted before, to reap the fruit of them. In the manbody, which we have got as a reaction of the past, we are free within certain limits to direct our steps on the right way back to God. The ABC will start when you rise above body consciousness. You will learn how to leave the body at will. Then your whole angle of vision will be changed. This is how you can be out of this grand delusion that you are in.

You are not the manbody, but are a conscious entity. You have got the intellect but are a conscious being. You have been given this manbody by the grace of God to enable you to go back to your Home. It does not mean that you have to leave the world and go to the forests. You are to remain here, pay off your debts, your give and take and find your way back to God. Relations are brought together only as a reaction of the past, to pay off their debts with love and not to be deluded, as we are now. We think that we will live here forever. This is the golden opportunity that we have got to find our way back to God. For that very purpose, we have joined various schools of thought. The badges you are wearing only relate to your body. You have got the manbody, you are conscious entities. Your true Home is one which is all Consciousness. So to find the way back to God, the first lesson is that your are under a grand delusion and must come out of it. When we are doing our practices, even then we are not conscious of them. If you do your practices accurately, you will rise above body consciousness. The body is not you. You will begin to have experience of the Beyond. You have to leave the body. This fate awaits everybody and there is no exception to the rule. But with all that, we are afraid of death. Death is only a change, just as the sun sets on one side of the world and rises on the other. Similarly, we leave this physical world and rise into the Beyond. This is a practical question, and if somebody gives you a demonstration of rising above body consciousness, you should develop it from day to day. So death is no bugbear. It is a very loving change to those who have got experience of the Beyond. For others, they dread it. Why? for two reasons. One is that they do not know how to leave the body. At the time of death we have to leave the body. If you see a dying man, you will see how much pain he has in the body. The withdrawal of the soul from the body according to a Mohammedan saint (the Master have also referred to it in their scriptures), is just like having a thorny bush put into the rectum and extracted through the mouth. The Hindu scriptures tell us that the pain one feels is as if one thousand scorpions were to sting at one time. You may have been a witness to that. Generally, people are very much in agony. This is one reason why we are afraid of death. The other reason is that we do not know where in the Beyond we have to go. Those who come to the Master are given a demonstration of how to rise above body-consciousness for a while. You will forget the world outside. Your inner eye is opened and you see into the Beyond. You are not the body. This is the first grand concession that the Master gives to you. This experience can be had only with the help of a Master. When you leave the body you will begin to understand how all this is going on under the Divine Will. The man who becomes a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan never says I am doing this or that, he says it is His Will that is being done. “Thy Will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven”. The man who learns to die, to leave the body at will, gets everlasting life, never to return. All glory and beauty lie within you. The astral planes are more beautiful than the physical one. The causal plane is still more beautiful, and the spiritual planes beyond are the most beautiful of all. Those who have experience of the Beyond would naturally like to go there, but they are bound. Even the Masters are playing their role. They want to go back, but they are bound by order, they have to carry on.

This is the ABC to be learnt on the way to Spirituality. You must come out of the delusion. The practices which you are asked to do daily are only meant for that purpose. Do you leave the body at will? Do you traverse into the Beyond? Somebody should be there in the Beyond to guide you, and here also to give you a demonstration of it. He who can do this is called a Saint or Master. He never leaves you, either here or hereafter. Everyday you are given some lesson. We have to learn this lesson of how to leave the body, how to come out of this grand delusion. If you have learnt it, then I think that you will have the right perspective. The ABC starts where all philosophies end. It is a matter of seeing, of rising above body consciousness, of experiencing for one’s own self. Saint Plutarch tells us, “Those who are initiated into the Mysteries of the Beyond, their soul has the same experience of leaving the body as it has at the time of death”. The Master gives you a demonstration. He guides you outside and when you go within. It is a great blessing to have a Living Master. The Master Power never dies, but works in different human bodies. Our Master used to give an example that when one bulb is fused, another is put in. When that is fused, a third one is put in. That Light is the Master, embodied in the manbody. That never dies.

So this is the ABC that is to be learned today. We are all in a grand delusion and we must come out of it. It is not a matter only of talking, it is a practical matter of rising above body consciousness. If you rise above body consciousness every day at will, then where is death? No fear of death will remain, you will go jolly. You have come here to be with the Master, is it not so? You are jolly, I think. So similarly, we have to go to the feet of our Master, our true Master within us. This place is not for us to live in forever, we have only to make the best use of it.

St. Paul told, ‘I die daily’. How he dies daily? He rose above the plane of sences and the shackles of the mind and came up at the tenth door. Knock the door and this will be opened unto you.

Christ said the same: “Learn to die so that you may begin to live…” – Begin to live means what? You begin to realize yourself. Sofar you have not ralized what you are, who you are, from where you came, how you came and what is the purpose of human-life, nobody cared to do that sofar. This is the biggest problem. This, you may say, this is the riddle of life, the purpose of life which man has to solve. Only for that purpose man has come into the world. Christ told, ‘it is your turn to meet God, it is thy turn to meet God’.

Christ further said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a man who is expanded–a wealthy man with all outward attachments. The teachings of the Masters just cut down the very stem of the whole trouble. When you rise above body consciousness, the physical ego is gone. But the astral ego, causal ego are still there. Complete humility arises only when you rise above three planes, not before. In the beginning you’ll begin to have a little humility. Even those who go to the astral plane, they’re also not free from ego.

God lives in the heart of everybody. Peace always starts from the heart in the human body. To come to know the real aim of our life we have to read the book of our own body – which means to rise above body consciousness. Whatever is written in the Holy Books comes from the human body. Man has the same virtues (qualities) as the God Power, but it can only be seen by practicing Bhakti. The inner eye can be opened, and only then the soul has the Darshan of the true Hari Mandir (Temple of God). This body is (only) made out of straw, and the Ocean of life flows through it. All the competent Saints give us the true teaching; we are the children of such a Power. Those who follow the teaching can see the Lord from within. Such souls become the co-workers of the Divine Plane, and their inner eye can see that the God Power is working through them. God Power and Guru Power is one. He Himself manifests through the human being. With the help of the Holy Light and Sound, the soul is able to have the inner Darshan of the Satguru. The soul’s whole body then is full of light by the Darshan of the God Power within. That is the reason why Saints always teach us to open our eye, and that eye lies behind (and between) our physical eyes. Once it is opened, our whole body is full of light. Therefore our first step starts only when we cross our inner curtain and we take a new birth, and we learn to die while alive by practicing Bhakti (Devotion). The souls who are doing the practice are great. The Christ Power, the God Power in them is competent to give the real life. They have explained about themselves like this: “O man! I am the bread of your life and this bread comes from heaven, and I am taking this bread myself.” If one takes this bread, he can get life forever. God is your light. He is looking after all, the poor and the rich. God is our light – God is the love of our life. Which bread is this? He gives it through Amrit Bani (Holy Sound Current). He has given us Amrit to take it from His Ocean. O man, you are still sleeping in all the attachments of this world. The Satguru’s treasury is full, and He is giving from there to His souls. The water from above is flowing, and it cannot finish during our whole life. The thirst of those who take the Amrit is quenched forever. Everything is created by Shabad. From the very beginning, there was only Shabad, with Shabad was the Satguru and Shabad is the Satguru, He has created the whole world. You have Shabad in you, it comes from within. This Shabad is the fresh food for our life which comes through the flow of (His) ocean to the soul. Satguru Shabad is the light of the world. He has taught us the truth. We have to overcome jealousy, because due to it, our way gets closed. Our Lord is the one who controls our body, so He can take us to our Father’s Home. He has given us nice houses, good cars and other things to travel, but they are all limited to this earth, to carry our body. O man, the inner traveller does not need these cars, they are all only for here. Only the hardship of NAAM and good actions and an equipoise state will go along with us. So I pray for a good and happy New Year. Our Lord, our Satguru may bless everybody. How shall we celebrate this day? We should try to understand our great Masters and their teaching, as they told us how we can rise above body consciousness and how our inner eye can be opened, and how we can see that God is born within us. That Lord is our Light, and He is the inner way to our eternal home. Happiness (Master’s physical form) always passes like a dream. It’s the house of peace He gives us, and He moistures it so that the field may always remain greenish. We will only get the true life when we reach the true Home of our Father. I again pray that this year by the Grace of Master should pass peacefully and with His happiness.

(Christmas – New Year message from 2009 by Bhaji and Biji, Gurmukhs of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji)

Also Guru Nanak said, “Die a hundred times a day.”

At the time of death you withdraw from the body, you reach at the seat of the soul, withdraw through the third eye and then you enter into the heaven. But that is the experience, which happens at the time of death. And it is further said: “ If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Your eyes can only be single when you withdraw from all these lower extremities … and pass through it. You must have that experience. And … you must rise above the cause and affect of the world. So far you are in the three worlds, you are not reborn.
(By Bhaji 1994)

39 comments on “You have to die before dying… quote by Shams Tabrizi

    • Dear friend,

      Often we think that we are the Doers and once I wrote a small poem:
      The shadow thinks it is moving, but it is the light that moves the shadow. If all is One then Oneness is the One, is in the One, in the Will of the One – all depends on our point of view and various accordingly. In the astral plane we find everything that has to do with magic, black and white magic and superpowers, supernatural powers as well, but once we make use of them, after leaving the body, we have to pay back with interests what were were lent. So the real super power is the God power, from which we all are a drop in the same vast Ocean. A look into the universe lets us give an impression of this mighty power which is beyond our imagination.

      Thank you very much for sharing your comment, dear friend.
      Wishing you all the best

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  1. i feel so emotional reading confirms i am not “crazy”.. while meditating last week i had an experience that i was in the infinite in peace and i hear myself saying, i want to stay here,don’t want to go back..but another voice said, you have to go back.and i accepted it though..i assume i have a task in this world and that is why we are all here. we just have to follow our heart and intuition to lead us the way. 🙏💗

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    • Thank you, dear Marlene 🙂

      Once we have left the hand of our Father and came to the market of this world, where our mind runs amok with wishes upon wishes to get some happiness, however this happiness we will not get from this market, this happiness we will get from our real Home, then not on the level of the mind, but on the level of the soul which is the same essence as that of our Father. True life is a teacher and we have to learn our lessons – there are thousands of things which are hidden in us, still deep under the surface of our being, within us. When we have a strong yearning for God, the One in All and All in One – then He will take arrangements to bring us Home. In all our doings, in our thoughts and words we have to become conscious and know ahead what would happen, if we are partly ignorant in them (karmic reactions).

      Dear Marlene I would like to recommend to you some special books written by my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. His words will tell you much better about meditation, its inner dangers, about the spirital path, about the mystery of death and more, as I am able to. First I send to you one book which you, if you like, may read through. In case your interest is getting stronger to learn more about those hidden inner treasures, then I am going to send to you more books.

      Click to access KirpalSingh_WheelofLife.pdf

      Wishing you all the best, my dear friend 🙂

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  2. Didi u have explained the whole journey so well and shams was a perfect master who was a companion of Rumi who taught him to be a spiritual poet. We r all here because of our karma’s and the day we realize that we r not this body, not this mind but the living truth is the first step towards the involutionary path to knowing who we really are. U have very rightly said we all need to know that we r dead bodies and our soul is eternal and infinite.

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    • My dear Kamal – thank you for you profound comment 🙂

      This getting to know ourselves is the essence of true spirituality – to find out what we are, who we are and where we come from, and where to we have to go. We come together because of give and take, for debts left open which need to be balanced. Karma indeed binds in this material, in the next world, the astral world and beyond up to the causal and super causal world. However, we have to come and go since ages, sometimes as plants, sometimes as animals and with a good fate or a grace of God (law of Grace) as human beings. This world is like a market in which our attention is drawn outwardly, manifested in wishes and desires that keep us again in the influence realm of karmic reactions. The negative power, kal, devil, maya, illusion (all the same) have an interest to keep us in their worlds and territories. With the help of Neh-Karma we become actionless actors as the only actor that exist is Him. We think as shadows (our mind and ego) that we are the doers, that we take actions, but it is the light that moves the shadow… So we have to become wishless and be aware that we are not the doers. Once our consciousness influences our thoughts, words and deeds, to be aware of all its consequences before we think, write or speak or do – we no longer create karma, then He becomes responsible, takes care of us as soon we have surrendered 100% in His Oneness. Then there is no ego left, I has disappeared and only He can take a seat in us.

      Thank you so much, my friend 🙂
      All that is good for you

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      • Yes absolutely true Didi but only one thing is there that what u talk about taking birth as birds, trees, animals are all evolution and we have already come in that and when we come as humans our conscious is full and complete we will not go back to an animal but live as humans in gross body for 84lakh times till we realize that this is not who we r and then starts our involutionary path and after that in the sixth stage we see only God though our ego is not dead but in the seventh plane we become one with God. Thanks so much for your valuable information and I totally agree with you that we all have one journey to realize who we really are and for that we need to surrender to the master and abide by what he says and learn from his guidance.

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        • My dear Kamal

          My Master has taught me this and this is not His teaching alone, it is a univeral teaching that was also taught by Kabir, Maulana Rumi, Gura Nanak, Shamz, Hafiz etc. – so according to your last sentence I abide by what He has said. He has also written books about it which can read free of charge. People, who live an animal life, return also back into an animal life, people who commit suicide they come back as humans but have to commit suide for another 100 lives (until they have learnt their lessons), people who are really evil and are murderer, they come on a kind of grey zone between physical and astral world. We all are here already since endless yugas on our way since we have left the hand of our father and came here down into the market of the world. In the terminology of the competent Masters there are 8 planes – the highest is where God, the Absolute, resides. This plane noone can catch with words or imagination – it is beyond everything that we know, indescribable. Competent Master give to their disciples the very first time when they are initiated (put on the path while the Sanchit Karma is burnt away) a first hand experience that allows the disciple to go beyond the body consciousness, to see the inner light and hear the holy sound within. Light and sound are Gods aspects in which He created the whole creation and therefore, we have light and sound as symbols in all religions. (the candle light, the bell, the gong etc.)

          Of course this subject is all in all so huge that it cannot be explained in a few sentences. In case you are interested, dear Kamal, I can recommand to you to read some pearls of spirituality written by Sant Kirpal Singh. Sant Kirpal Singh was also the first who enabled to bring all religions together to one table, thereby In 1957, Sant Kirpal Singh was elected the first president of the World Fellowship of Religions and was reelected over 14 years. He met with the Pope, with relgions leader of diferent religions and was the first who was honoured with the Malteser Ord of Malta as a Non-christian. His whole life was devcoted to help the poor and needy ones and lived up to His principles. When we read His books much much yearning will develop in us as it is like a shower of Grace. And He commissioned His disciple Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife to build up the divine project “Kirpal Sagar” – Now, we can see what has become of it within about 30 years – a beautiful place where one can do Seva, selfless service, as a service to man, a service to God – where poor and needy ones can be helped. It would really fill many books to write about the teaching. So it is only a suggestion and recommodation for you to read His spriitual books, to dive deeply into the world of spirituality.

          The 5th plane is free from any matter, it is called Sach Khand and is also beyond the smaller and greater desolution. There is the start of competent Masters and they themselves continue with their own development until they become one with God in the plane called Anami, The Formless, The Nameless, the Absolute. From the 5th plane onwards our ego has fallen off like a dirty dress. First we have to get the theoretical aspect and become familar with it – then we have to live up to it as also Christ said: “When you love me, keep my commandments…” To go along this path we have to get to know all the tricks of the mind it plays with us. This is meant with: “Man know thyself…”

          May we all pray to receive Right Understanding, that we may not be misled and walk with Him whereever we are.

          Thank you for your patience for this longer answer, my friend.

          Love and light to you

          Just let me know, dear friend – not a must as you can decide yourself.


  3. Oh it is completely k, Didi and I love understanding and listening to what is real and true. Ya u can surely recommend some books of Sant Kirpal Singh would love to read them. May we all pray to receive right understanding and walk with him everywhere surrendering our all to him. Love and light to you too dear friend.😊😊😊😊😊😊


  4. We die many times in our lifetime simply by not doing something which we as humans should do to serve the purpose of life. Thanks sharing a wonderful write-up. Regards,

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    • And this dying is in fact the same dying what happens at the time when we have to leave the body – once we know that death is not the end and when we know how to enter the inner worlds beyond dust and matter then fear is no more, the sting of the death is taken away – this dying however can only be reached when tapping at the 10th door (Christ also speaks of the 10th door: When it is open your body is full of light… it is not entering the astral worlds or causal worlds – it is beyond it. as long the silver cord is connected to us we are not on the other side – and dying “at will”, does not mean to kill oneself, it simply means to open the inner door (with the help of a competent Master) and walk through it, continue in the middle until we will see the radiant form of the God-power itself, with which we even can talk). This is exactly what Kabir, Guru Nanak, Rumi, Shams e Tabrez, Sant Kirpal Singh, Christ and many other holy Saints speak about. As long we have not reached this point to rise above our own body-consciousness as long fear towards the death will remain.
      Thank you very much dear friend 🙂
      Warm regards

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