Believing and knowing

There is a huge difference
Between believing and knowing

What I don’t know, that’s where my belief begins
And what I know is where my belief ends
I believe to know…

Then there is a huge difference
Between outer knowledge and inner knowledge

Inner Seeing is Believing
Is knowing

I know to believe

DidiArtist, 26.04.2022

Difference and equality

When we know something
What others don’t know
Then it’s easy to be labelled
As a know-it-all, as a braggart
One who is arrogant
Who dares to stand out
From the equalisation of people
But each of us has his own development
His own background
His own karma to unwind
He brings the difference
In this, we are not equal
But we should all be equal in this:
By showing each other respect
By loving and honouring each other
By seeing each other as human beings
By not seeing the faults of others
By being aware of our own mistakes
By becoming pioneers
Discovering new territory within
Leaving well-trodden paths
To which the general public is oriented
By setting out to recognise ourselves
By having the courage to tread new paths
Avoiding the herd paths

Accepting each life as:
Live and let live
And nevertheless, convey sometimes hints:
Where life has no dead ends
Where the One Road leads to Truth
As truth is one
Where the light is brought forward

DidiArtist, 27.04.2022

No embracing brotherhood

Wars waged
Do not speak of love
Not of respect
Not of unity
Not of brotherhood
They are the mouthpiece
Of hate and violence
Of lust for power
Of destruction and suffering
A sign of the Negative Power

Those who order the war
Carry hatred and violence within themselves

They are poor souls
They do not know what they do
Do even to themselves…

DidiArtist, 27.04.2022

Foolish people

We people are rather still fools than wise men
Rather still more animals than human beings

DidiArtist, 27.04.2022

Power of discrimination

As long as we cannot distinguish
Between truth and untruth
Between good and evil
Between sense and nonsense
Between right and wrong
We are but the blossoms
In the garden of Maya, worldly delusions

As long as we put everything in one pot
Bad and good food
We are intoxicated
With our own desires and imaginations
We feast on the poison of the world
Declare it as food for the soul
Without knowing
Where it will take us
What consequences it may have

As long as we bind ourselves
To what we think is right
Without really testing it
Without knowing the outcome beforehand
We stumble through the desert
Succumbing to mirages
While the water of life
Overflows far from these places

As long as we cannot distinguish
Feed us on the dry desert sand
We remain thirsty
Keeping the desert sand for water
Take it as our food to live
But we have not learned it in any other way
Defending what we believe is right

Right understanding grows
In the power of discrimination…

DidiArtist, 26.04.2022

Fear and ignorance

We defend our point of view
And equate it
With the point of view of others
Without knowing it

It is a protective measure
To continue to go in the direction
That brings us joy and sorrow
Worldly pleasures, disappointments

It is our pride and ego
Not allowing us
To accept another point of view
That rises above doubt and ignorance

It is the trust in the old familiar
Fear of the new way
Fear of having made a mistake
Which is difficult to overcome

For as long as we do not really know something
We do not grant this knowledge to another person
We feel hurt
When new truths oppress us

It is not the knowledge of being better
Compared to other lifestyles
It is a knowledge of humility, not of boasting
What we see normally in the world

Knowledge of practice is required, not theory
Where all the world theorises
Not realising how to live the truth
Instead, faith is followed blindly – in ignorance

It is our lack
Longing for the truth
Leading it through muddy grounds
Instead of living, experiencing it for ourselves

We run after fashion
Do not question it
Do not know its impact, essence
Blindly follow our herd instinct

Ignorance is our biggest problem
Build truth on half-truth, ignorance
And defend our point of view
As if it were the truth…

Truth is beyond fashion, beyond herd instinct
It has no will to offend
But only to be true
It is in the hands of God

God offers it to us
But we reject it
Choose the way of worldly pleasures
In which we are drifting

Like a raft on an endless sea…

DidiArtist, 26.04.2022

Not just dry theoretical knowledge

We have to eat and digest the knowledge
With our spiritual heart
Internalise it with the inner eye
Listen to it without outer ears
Experience it practically
Then the knowledge becomes
A real knowledge

Seeing, not with outer eyes
Is believing…

DidiArtist, 25.04.2022

Where is true love?

If you have hate and enmity in your heart
You are not capable to love

Since God dwells in all
And God is love
We must love all His creatures

Limited, chosen love
Is not love, is divided love

Are we ready to truly love
To love God in all?…

DidiArtist, 24.04.2022

All their words twisted

Love is violence and hate for them
Humanity is inhumanity for them
Killing is normality for them
Intimidation, spreading threats
Is for them the daily greeting
Conquering territory at any price
Is for them the meaning and purpose of life

But conquering hearts, through love and harmony
Is a foreign word to them…

It seems everything is upside down for them
Their words are twisted to benefit from…

DidiArtist, 23.05.2022

How can one…

How can one love
When one hates?

How can one show respect
When one kills?

How can one be true
When one lies?

How can one speak of humanity
When one is inhuman?

How can one respect his neighbour
When he attacks him?

How can one speak of peace
When one wages war?

How can one find his own faults
When all the blame is on others?

How can one express empathy and compassion
When one shows brutal ruthlessness?

How can one have humility
When greedily seeking power?

How can one understand
When one sees nothing and hears nothing?

How can awareness come
When ignorance reigns?

How can we be human beings
When we are still animals…?

DidiArtit, 23.04.2022

False pride, ill greed for power

An aggressor in war will always come up with reasons
Why he attacks foreign countries
Even if he has to pull them out of a hat.

Lies and cunning secrecies are his trademark
Killing people his business

He has a pathological need for recognition…

DidiArtist, 22.04.2022

The warmonger

He sits comfortably in his armchair
Orchestrating his troops
With a mandate to wage war
Soldiers who commit war crimes
Who bring suffering and hardship to the people
Driving people out, killing civilians
Rape women, kill children ruthlessly
Outing themselves as animals and beasts

The warmonger in his armchair
Watching, approving this behaviour
These misbehaviours of his soldiers

What if this warmonger
Goes through this suffering himself
What innocent people have to go through now?
But he, in his armchair
Thinks and feels differently
Feels safe, not threatened
But threatens other states
Deciding over life and death

He doesn’t know the cosmic law:
“What I do to others will be done to me”
Only when he suffers as he makes others suffer
Then he will understand
Then he will understand his crime
His crime against humanity
His disrespectful attitude towards life

The cosmic law will reach him one day
Not necessarily in this life
But what he has sown now he must reap….

He takes refuge in lies and propaganda
Deceives himself and his people
Truly, not a great man, rather a predator….

DidiArtist, 21.04.2022

It’s an order!

The folly of war:
The soldiers of both parties
Do not know each other
But have to kill one another
Are taught to hate

The madness lies with those
Who order the war…

All a matter of a power game
To control people…

DidiArtist, 20.04.2022

Crazy world, crazy people

Isn’t it crazy to threaten with nuclear weapons
Knowing that if there were a nuclear exchange
That the whole world would be destroyed
How crazy! What a suicide threat and theatre!

Some people should think before they speak…

Let us not forget:
There is no planet B

Life should be honoured and respected
Not destroyed, not trampled with feet

However, it seems that we all are puppets
Of the negative and positive power

A pawn in a cosmic battle…

DidiArtist, 15.04.2022

Threatening a country

The threat to a country
Is the beginning of violence

Whoever threatens, reveals himself as a perpetrator of violence.
He stirs up fear and terror
Seeks reasons and pretexts
To justify his violence
He bases it on fear
Which he himself spreads

The threat to a country
Does not lead to solutions, relaxations
Does not lead to peaceful coexistence
It leads to prescription and interference
Dictating a country
What to do and what not to do

Threatening a country is a bad advisor
It exposes dictatorship, wanting control over a country
Through blackmail, power, violence

When does man learn
That violence is no option?…

DidiArtist, 11.04.2022

Battle between Good and Evil

Every conflict is not a conflict
Between man and man
Between nation and nation
It is a conflict
Between positive and negative power

Those who cause violence and destruction
Belong to the negative power

DidiArtist, 09.04.2022

Peace on earth

Let us put the weapons aside
Let us bury them
Let us make peace
Let us conquer fear
Let us turn enemies into friends
Let us establish trust
Let us see ourselves as one family
Let us create harmony
Let us build the future
Let us fight hunger
Let us eliminate weaknesses
Let us be there for each other
Let us share hopes
Let us respect each other
Let us forget wars
Let us replace any thought of violence with goodwill
Let us overcome envy and hatred
Let us lose greed and power
Let us love and honour one another

Let us live in peace with each other
From man to man
From country to county
On our precious planet earth
Home of all of us

DidiArtist, 09.04.2022

On a wave of time and space

Wave riders of actions and reactions
In the rollercoaster of emotions, feelings
Logical conclusions
A life of ups and downs
Of changing goals in the close range
Of faith and hope in the far
Fluctuating, metamorphosing
On the catwalk of time
Memories in tow

Kaleidoscopic now
Surfing through time and space

DidiArtist, 02.04.2022