Power of discrimination

As long as we cannot distinguish
Between truth and untruth
Between good and evil
Between sense and nonsense
Between right and wrong
We are but the blossoms
In the garden of Maya, worldly delusions

As long as we put everything in one pot
Bad and good food
We are intoxicated
With our own desires and imaginations
We feast on the poison of the world
Declare it as food for the soul
Without knowing
Where it will take us
What consequences it may have

As long as we bind ourselves
To what we think is right
Without really testing it
Without knowing the outcome beforehand
We stumble through the desert
Succumbing to mirages
While the water of life
Overflows far from these places

As long as we cannot distinguish
Feed us on the dry desert sand
We remain thirsty
Keeping the desert sand for water
Take it as our food to live
But we have not learned it in any other way
Defending what we believe is right

Right understanding grows
In the power of discrimination…

DidiArtist, 26.04.2022

17 comments on “Power of discrimination

  1. Wonderful sharing. As long as we remain in the realm of our own selfish thoughts, we remain deluded and do not come out of that Maya. As long as we do not distinguish between what is good for us and what is not so good, our thoughts remain clouded. As long as we remain stuck in our thought precepts and do not want to change then ego eats us from within.


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    • Yes, dear Harbhans – the five thieves in us: Lust, ego, attachment, greed, and anger eat us from within, control us totally, unless we have the help from God.
      Thank, dear friend and warm regards πŸ™‚

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        • Just like that but it is also extremely difficult to control our mind – first we have to know, how it is acting and doing, what motives it always drives to do this or that – so more we recognize of the functioning of the mind, so more we are able to control it and say no when it says yes and say yes when it says no… however this all only goes along with the help of God. How really difficult it is to come back to our eternal Home is the saying of Kabir – He told that only 4 souls could go back to our true Home in the last Golden Age. So we can only surrender to God, not half-heartedly, but with all our mind, body and soul.
          May God protect you and your family, dear friend πŸ™‚
          Thank you πŸ™‚

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