Predator man

Man is like a predator
Lurks up his prey
Creeps upon it
Attacks and devours it
Feeds on the weaker ones
Looks for new targets
To increase his strength
To quench the thirst for power
For a short time

DidiArtist, 05.05.2022

Adapted knowledge

Knowledge can sometimes be crushing
Be a great weight on the shoulders
If knowledge is not digested
That is why the gates of knowledge
Should only be opened to such an extent
As much as a person can bear

So one can slowly climb
The stairs of knowledge
Able to live up to it
Understanding it

DidiArtist, 05.05.2022

Stories and lies

How many stories are necessary
To maintain a lie?

How many lies are necessary
To distract people from it?

How many statesmen tell stories
To reach their goal?…

DidiArtist, 05.05.2022

Human ingenuity

Human ingenuity is mainly busy
To kill each other

It seems that the rest of it
Is just a side product of it

Fear makes inventive
But also makes us kill

However, to overcome fear
Courage is needed too…

DidiArtist, 05.05.2022

Man and technology

DidiArtist, 05.05.2022

Every technical advance and intellectual wealth
Plunges us into deep poverty and crisis
If we have not found a human balance in it
If we lack the human progress for it

Man is in an imbalanced state
Between technical usage and spiritual understanding

DidiArtist, 05.05.2022

Some power behind

There is a power
Behind light and shadow
Behind good and evil
Behind all duality, fragments
The nameless power of Oneness
The ONE working force

May we call it as we wish

DidiArtist, 05.05.2022

Root of Evil

The negative powers are not to be sought
In different countries and cultures
To blame countries for it
They are to be found within ourselves
In each and every one of us

It is the negative power
That rises out of millions
Helping to determine the course of humanity
Towards destruction

It is the eternal battle
Between good and evil

Let us be aware of it…

DidiArtist, 04.05.2022

Clever manipulation

Some people are so manipulated
By the media, by the internet
That they can no longer distinguish
They live in their own world
Which they proselytise
Even aggressively defend
They abandon friends and relatives
Sacrifice them for their ideology

Reasonable words bounce off them
For they live in their own rationality
Which they only allow taking part in
To those who share their views

A new disease in our society?
Wanted or unwanted….

They tell you: “You are being manipulated”
Without realising, it is them
Who have been brainwashed

Aggressivity is their distinctive feature

DidiArtist, 04.05.2022