6 comments on “God is the Doer – by Kabir

  1. Hello Didi, would you like to be part of a spiritual musings WhatsApp group? It is a group for like-minded souls who’d like to share thoughts, quotes, musings and all things related to spirituality. I’ve added many friends from around the world and it is a great place to be with over 50 participants in three days. Let me know if you’d like this, the aim is to create community and tribe. I know you may not be interested or on WhatsApp, I thought I’d extend an invitation just in case!

    Thank you. 🙏🏻

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    • My dear friend Amba, I do not have WhatsApp and will be also in the future without it – if someone is really interested in spirituality, on the path of truth, I can recommend reading the books of a Holy Saint: Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, who is my Master. He has written very deep books about spirituality and the purpose of life as He Himself went to all those inner worlds and knows about its purpose too. He knows, unlike so-called masters, how to rise above the body-consciousness, to go beyond the astral plane and causal plane, and even super-causal plane up to the region of pure consciousness, where no matter can influence the spirit. This spiritual path is a practical path and we will have the same experiences as those about the competent Masters speak of, so the truth is not just a theory, it needs to be put into practice – we ourselves have to become living examples, living truth, living life – unfortunately, we human beings, mostly under the control of our mind, are more after the pleasures this world has to offer instead of seriously going this path of truth with the help of God with our own feed. Our mind has one interest: to distract us from the truth, to have interests in thousands of things, but the water that runs through a pipe with thousand of wholes cannot reach its goal. We are even not aware that we deceive ourselves so much that our mind is in control of us.

      Here now some books that my Master has written, you can share this link for those who are interested in it. All those spiritual books are free as truth should always be free as we breathe the air freely or get warm sunbeams free of charge.


      Wishing you a good journey on your path of life, my dear friend 🙂

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    • Some things in addition to my last post:

      I belong to a movement called “Unity of Man” that Sant Kirpal Singh has founded during a World-Conference in Delhi with over 50000 participants from all over the world. Master said: “My children are scattered all over the world, a time will come when they all will come together again…” Sant Kirpal Singh Ji commissioned Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur to build up a place which unites all world-religions peacefully under one roof. With the help of Sant Kirpal Singh’s disciples from all over the world, this place has come true and is a place for the whole of mankind. In case you would like to know more about it, here is a link:


      Hugs and love, dear Amba
      From heart to heart

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