Shadows of our Selves

How much is real about us?
How much is copied, taken over?

How much is in us
That our mind demands?

How much is in us
That makes up our soul?

We follow our ego
Have selfish goals

We are deaf and blind
Repress our innermost

We wear different masks
Depending on the event and occasion

We are not
What we really are

We are only shadows of our own selves….

When being aware of it, then…

DidiArtist, 18.09.2021

10 comments on “Shadows of our Selves

  1. The first line was key for me: How much is real about us? We are all multifaceted individuals and what makes us who we are is complex. It goes beyond ethnic origin. I wrote about this in my post today, feel free to check it out. Enjoyed your poem, it reminded me a lot of personal identity and how we choose to identify.

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    • Thank you very much, dear friend 🙂

      If you take white sheet of paper there is everything in it, as there is no border, no line in it – so there is all and nothing at the same time. as soon we draw something in it, we draw our own limitation – same as with words – words are only fragments, moments of things we try to explain, to bind – and we? are we a drop of the Ocean, trying to see us separate as individuals, but the drop is conneceted with the Ocean – so are we? or are we not? ego separates, causes dualities while the soul is not bound to our outside going senses, soul unites, makes us all one – to be One in the One. This, dear friend, is a new perspective, a new angle of view how we may look at ourselves. Wise men told us: “Man know thyself” – but in reality we do not know ourselves, we are just fragments, lines on a white sheet of papers – if everything is One – then we are just an illusion (at least our ego and mind).

      Yes, I am going to read your post too.

      All the best, my friend 🙂

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      • Very well said indeed. As a content creator myself, I can totally relate to what you’re saying about the creation process itself being an allegory. Ego is the true cause of many issues we face and the perceived differences we might think we have. Underneath our facades, we are all more similar than we think. ❤

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        • Indeed, my friend – and when we deeply look into ourselves we do only learn to understand and get to know ourselves but with this knowledge we are in the position to understand all the others too – as our mind and ego works likewise – that is why man is able to come out with wisdom which has a general validity.
          Thanks a lot, my friend 🙂
          Hugs and love

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