Cowardice and insidiousness

To invade peaceful countries with superior force
Waging a brutal war based on lies
To turn weapons against children and women
To traumatise and kill children, women and ordinary people.
To make millions of people homeless
To insult innocent people as neo-Nazis
Only to disguise the lust for war, power and murder
To set in motion and maintain the war machinery
To incite and encourage one’s own people to war
To sow hatred, enmity and the will to kill
By calling the invaded country the aggressor
As so-called security measures for their own country
To justify reasons for their outrages
How many of their people fall victim to these lies?
They are victims of a large-scale fake propaganda
Without really knowing the truth
Ignorantly supporting this brutal government

The aggressor is not the invaded country
It is the warring country, its leadership
That is the aggressor itself

It is a dark time for humanity
That has his second Hitler

None of this has anything to do with humanity
But with cruelty like in the deepest Middle Ages

DidiArtist, 02.03.2022

3 comments on “Cowardice and insidiousness

  1. All this arise out of insatiable craze for more power to placate the mind and ego. Killing and bombing humans hardly count anything for such people. It is a travesty of fact that deaths and destruction is taking place to teach a lesson or two to the country who dared to associate itself with NATO, Such is the insatiable thirst for power that deaths and destruction of humans is of no consequence for such people; think of the other living beings exterminated by bombs and missiles!! The destruction of food grain stores and crops is a cause of great concern. There are so many questions which need answers but who will answer those questions for those whose members are killed??

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