Discover own mistakes for the benefit of others

Why is it that we have so many faults in us
That we are not even aware of them?
That we do not even know them?
And even when we know them, we carry on as before
Without questioning ourselves
Without starting to eliminate them

This is why we see the evil in the world
As long as our mind can do what it likes
Without making serious efforts to unravel these faults
To make ourselves conscious of them
To learn from them, overcome them

A state full of these unconscious people
Who do not know themselves
Out of it, these errors become visible
This is what we see in the world….

Sant Kirpal Singh:
“Reformers are needed, not of others but of themselves…”

DidiArtist, 04.03.2022

9 comments on “Discover own mistakes for the benefit of others

  1. If we listen to our heart then everything around us would seem silently doing what is good for other beings but our mind plays spoil sport. WARM REGARDS

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  2. Yes, dear Harbans, it is like that as our mind is in control over us – with the help of God we can overcome the cruelty of our mind that no longer our mind is in control over us but our soul…
    Warm regards


  3. We tend to ignore our mistake – consoling our mind that it is this time only we shall commit this mistake but that last time never comes since we repeat the same mistake again and again. WITH WARM REGARDS.

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