Expression of separateness

We dream life
In a time-space continuum
Are separated from the whole
On the level of senses
Acting and thinking
As individuals
Trying to conquer the world
Make it our own
Shape and form it
According to our wishes and ideas
As an egocentric worldview
Of intellect, ego, and mind….

DidiArtist, 12.03.2022


5 comments on “Expression of separateness

  1. Affirmative Didi sir, but this is exaggerated sense of importance. Our Creation how best to create everything and then can undo anything and everything in no time. WARM REGARDS.

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    • …depends on the karma, what people create, because there is also a country karma and during the ages there are also low resolutions that reach to the realm of the causal plane and then the great resolution that reaches to the super-causal plane. It is like an inhalation and exhalation of creation.

      We are all already travelling endless ages, in all possible forms of creation. But only in the form of the human being can we make the real journey home. That is why the Bible also says: Man is closest to God in creation, because man has three things: Free will, the power of differentiation and consciousness.

      Thank you very much, dear Harbans πŸ™‚
      Peace and love


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