Fragment and Oneness

Each fragment has an origin
We are fragments
Our origin is Oneness

Time that the sun rays will be united again
With their source:
Sun of life

Yearning, devotion, and love will bring us back
Each fragment reminds us where we belong to…

DidiArtist, 12.03.2022

5 comments on “Fragment and Oneness

        • Yes, indeed, it is very difficult to attain it – only 4 souls could reach this area of pure consciousness, go to their proper home, in the last Sat-Yug (Golden Age).

          Thank you always for your support and comments, dear friend 🙂
          From heart to heart

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          • Yes Didi sir, pure consciousness means purity in our thoughts and Karma including our sincerity in seeking God. Though difficult but keeping guard makes difference. Thanks and regards.🙂🙂


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