Restricted freedom for the benefit of all

If you allow someone
To do what he wants
Then this personal freedom leads
To a social chaos
Why laws regulate
That this so-called freedom
Does not become a danger to others

Our traffic system is regulated likewise
If everyone wants to drive the way he wants to
Then this personal freedom
Leads to social chaos
To death and suffering

If a smoker smokes recklessly in front of others
And a law forbids it
Then the smoker cannot invoke
On his personal freedom
Because he harms others

DidiArtist, 12.12.2021

6 comments on “Restricted freedom for the benefit of all

  1. Wow, Didi! I loved this! There is so much wisdom and truth in this post! Especially, loved the ending on Second Hand Smoke! Personal freedom for some can’t be allowed to injure or kill other, can it? πŸ˜Šβœ¨πŸ˜πŸ‘

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    • Thanks, dear Chuck πŸ™‚

      Indeed, each individual cannot please everyone, our own interests, desires and needs are too different. And if these self-interests hurt others in any way or expose them to danger, then that is simply selfish. Everyone should have a better understanding of this. In the meantime, smokers have also realised, even if they did not realise this for a long time, even if they could not understand it, that they should not extend their own bad habits to others if they thereby drag them down with them in terms of health. But unfortunately, selfishness is blind to others.

      Warm regards

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