Unity of Man

Love, unity, brotherhood
Respect, tolerance, understanding
Non-violence in thoughts, words and deeds
Oneness among brothers and sisters
Serving, helping each other
Supporting those in need
Sharing and caring
Living in harmony and peace

This all will help us
To jump over the shadows or our own ego…

DidiArtist, 22.08.2021

18 comments on “Unity of Man

      • The sagacious words: My Master used to say: β€œBe Good, Do Good and Be One – this all expresses such life an living’ are really eye opener. Thanks and regards.

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          • Yes sir, those who become the cause of our enlightenment and makes a difference in our life, are the precious gifts of our ALMIGHTY GOD to us. πŸ™‚

            Warm regards

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            • Yes, indeed and somtimes there not just competent Master from the Sach Khand region, but come from the highest, Anami and this power is working direct now, in this Golden Age we have entered. Kabir came from Anami and He was the Maker of the Masters, the King of the King. (Kabir Sahib informed us that He came in all the four ages and always teached on Naam. In each Yuga He was differently known as Sat Sukrat, Munindar, Karunamae and lastly as Kabir. Now it is Sant Kirpal Singh who is responsible for the Golden Age, also a power that works directly while the other Master from different planes (upwards from Sach Khand) have to follow the instructions given by the God power or Christ power or Master power or Guru power. When Sant Kirpal Singh left the body there were about 6 disciples who had a kind of same vision. Master Kirpal appeared to them and said: It is not me who is dead, it is you – and this means that we have not yet reached real life…
              Thank you for your attention, dear Harbans πŸ™‚

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