Honest protests?

We are all affected
By the Coronavirus spread around the world
But there are people
They don’t wear masks, see no reason for it
They protest against restrictions

When we were little
Vaccinations were the order of the day
It was normal to be vaccinated
Protests did not rise
We didn’t have the media

Today we have social media
Alongside the traditional media
Today the internet dominates
Fakes and hoaxes everywhere
Influence from all sides

Today’s man does not know
Where to stand
What to believe
So he blindly accepts this and that
Is easily persuaded

Conspiracy theorists, lateral thinkers come into play
They replace doctors and scientists with their opinions
Know the truth, are fanatical
Don’t get vaccinated – that’s still ok
What is not ok is that they do not wear masks

Is it bad to wear a mask
When it protects others?
Not to wear it is irresponsible
Shows the colour of our mind, our ego
We should see the reality in the intensive care units….

Maybe one of us is the next
That the virus will strike
But then our remorse may come too late
In case to die from it
Or get seriously ill

When the bitter realization awakens:
To have protested hiddenly behind half-truths,
To cover up our own ego
To make ourselves look good in front of others
When the wave of truth overtakes us….

Is service to man a foreign word?

May right understanding take its place in our hearts….

DidiArtist, 01.12.2021

12 comments on “Honest protests?

  1. If the vaccination is your truth, I respect it. If non-vaccination and not wearing the mask are my truths, I have the right to protest for them. Moreover, I am not afraid of death and do not agree to wear a piece of clothes when all the viruses are in the air. We can die anytime from anything, and we die anyway… nobody knows when the time comes. When you force me to do something against my soul you step over my human rights!

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    • Thank you Manuela – in fact it is your opionon and it may just enclude you – what does it tell?…

      And sorry to say: Is just to see oneself without considering the Life and Security of others – isn’t it egoistic? – as it means that when others die – they die naturally or they die possibly because one has not taken care of others?

      Is it human right to be egoistic and not live in harmony with others? The wise sentence that Saints and Sants have given us: “Die and live for others, die and live for God – Be of service to man” – service for yourself and see it only from this point of view – is only pointing to one’s own person and interest.

      Incidentally, tests have been carried out by scientists which prove that at least the FFP2 masks ensure a little self-protection and also prevent this strong air ejection of possible virus droplets when sneezing, coughing. Not wearing masks, no safety distance increases the risk of being infected many times over. Under these conditions, do you really want to insist on your right to live without distance rules, without masks, as if nothing had happened? – Without consideration for others and oneself? That is an attitude as if one does not care what happens to the other, including oneself.

      You will keep your opinion and you will not be convinced either, but I hope that your life will turn out well.

      In order not to get into endless, pointless discussions, I will leave it at these words.

      Warm greetings

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      • Thank you, Didi! I love your explanations!
        Do you live in harmony with others when you judge me for my point of view? 🙂 Do you know the UNIVERSAL truth? What you know is not proof that people are informed about their wellbeing. Moreover, everyone’s life turns accordingly with his beliefs coming from fear or love.
        Best wishes!

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  2. A hard topic. I live in the worst area for the virus. No-one wanted to wear a mask and they don’t believe. Almost 37,000 deaths in Detroit alone. A city with a population of 500,000. 54 died yesterday in the city.

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