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  1. Didi sir, a Truth which cannot be disputed. Our birth is determined by the pre-conditions based on our Karma we have transacted before the birth and next would be based on our our post-birth account. 💕🙏🏾

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    • Quote start:
      There are three kinds of karma

      One kind is called Sanchit. “Sanchit” means “which are stored as yet,” not fructified. So suchlike karmas, you see, from hundreds of births back, are just in store, not yet touched for reaction.

      Ever since we have left the house of our Father, ever since we have been sent to the earth, we have been coming and going. Action and reaction has been going on. Some has been paid off by Pralabdha karma. Pralabdha karmas are the karmas which are in fruit, which are fructified, and on which our present existence is based. First, we have got the manbody. That is the result of very high karma, good karma.

      So pralabdha is the karma on which our present life is based. It is what is called “fate” or “destiny.” Fate or destiny is a reaction of our past karma which is now in fruit.

The third class is Kriyaman, the actions that we do daily. Man is free within certain limits and bound within certain limits. Sant Kirpal Singh
      Quote end
      Taken from:

      Indeed, my friend – so the new life depends of what karmic “substances” is taken from “Sanchit-Karma” – this part is then called: ” Pralabdha-Karma” – it lays the tracks in our lives (and our life-train has to run over it).
      Thank you very much, my dear friend Harbans 🙂
      Love and light to you and yours 🙂


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