The competence of Sant Kirpal Singh by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Dear friends all over the world,

A few words about Dr. Harbhajan Singh:

He was the perfect disciple, also called Gurmukh, of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. Before Sant Kirpal Singh left the body, only Dr. Harbhajan Singh, whom we always called Bhaji (brother), was allowed to stay the last hours with His Master. Master did not allow anyone else to stay with Him during His last hours. So He explained the further mission to Dr. Harbhajan Sing and commissioned him and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur to build Kirpal Sagar that Master has blessed on His last tour through Punjab.

He and his wife gave each and everything, even their last blood drop to build up this divine project “Kirpal Sagar Sagar” (Ocean of Grace) in service to mankind and service to God. This place belongs to the whole mankind.

With love


6 comments on “The competence of Sant Kirpal Singh by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

  1. Beautiful Didi…thanks for sharing this. This notion of a wide scale awakening has resonated for some time. Great to hear more and more people speak of this. Love the acceptance of all religious teachings, diverting our attention from all that separates us and focusing attention on the unity of all of us. Thanks for all your daily posts. They are perfect.

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    • Thank you, dear Georg – allow me to forward your compliment to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh. He deserves the honour and all thanks 🙂

      Kirpal Sagar is a very unique place and 2 major World-Conferences on unity of man were already held there. It is a place of man-making where we are able to practice unity and also all religions are respected there (in the middle of the Sarovar you can see a ship on which the symbols of all religions are placed. The ship itself stands for another symbol: it crosses the ocean of life).

      Maybe someday, when we are safer concerning the Corona Virus we can meet in Kirpal Sagar and it would be a pleasure for me to tell you the whole story of it. How it came into being, its purpose, and meaning. Inside it is Kabir-Sagar and outside it is Kirpal Sagar.

      I am grateful for your support and interest, dear friend 🙂
      Wishing you blessings on your spiritual path.


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