Crimes against humanity

Whoever gives orders to kill others
Innocent people, children and women
Has not understood the lessons of life
That humanity is among the highest value

Who sits on the throne
Placing unconscionable orders
Adorning them with lies and deceptions
Is a cold tyrant

Who threatens the world
And strives for world domination
No matter how many die
Does not deserve the name man

Who invades countries
To make a name for himself in the world
Is ruthless, without conscience
A treacherous dictator

Who lets himself be cheered
For all his misdeeds, fairy tales and lies
Is himself a soulless failure
Who betrays his own people

The world should learn
That those kinds of criminals
No longer should come to power

DidiArtist, 01.03.2022

Not seeing, not hearing

Unfortunately, there are many people
Who close their eyes and ears
From the truth
Or twist it…

DidiArtist, 03.03.2022

Payday also comes for dictators

The reckoning comes at the end of life
When we have to leave the body
Then also the cruel deeds
Of a war against innocent people
Children and women
Will be accounted for

Cruel dictators may in life go unpunished
But when the scales are laid
Of good and bad deeds and thoughts
That they have done during their lives
As soon as they leave this world
They will bitterly regret it
They will suffer themselves
As they have caused others to suffer
Because they have killed human beings
To indulge their own lust for power
Indeed, they have to pay a high price

The angel of death Yama is already waiting for them
They will be punished terribly
Even if they laugh now
And have no faith

May God have mercy on their souls….

DidiArtist, 09.03.2022

Way of consciousness

When all the fragments come together again
The dream of duality comes to an end
The awakening begins
To make us recognize
In the whole mirror
Of Unity and Oneness
Who we are…

DidiArtist, 12.03.2022

Right understanding – Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

Dr. Harbhajan Singh – A life full of devotion to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

We do not know our Selves

We think we know ourselves best
Indeed, we only know the tip of the iceberg within us
Everything underneath remains hidden
As long as we don’t dig deep enough within ourselves…

DidiArtist, 12.12.2021

Deplorable creatures

There are people
They walk over dead bodies
Just to reach their goal
They have no conscience

Their evil deeds emerge from the dark
They are cunning, have no scruples
Threaten and even kill
If someone is in their way

They practice propaganda
Distort facts in their favour
Are power-hungry and obsessed
To get their way

They are ice-cold strategists
Who plan long ahead
Waiting for their hour
To strike unpredictably

They play, they poker, they provoke
Enjoy their power
Direct others, seek challenge
Use people for their delusions of grandeur

They are clever people
But without a heart
Without respect for man and life
If only they could see themselves….

DidiArtist, 23.02.2022

Man is still an animal

Some have not yet understood
That violence only sows violence
Some have not yet understood
That they cannot speak for all
But pretend that this is the case
Some have not yet understood
That we are all one big family
We all have one common planet
That we should all share
In peace and harmony
By helping each other

Bloodshed is not justified by anything
Pretexts are sought for wars
All lies are welcome
To gain advantages
An inhuman power and posturing

Man is still a wild animal
He proves that with his cruel deeds…

DidiArtist, 21.03.2022

Love is no business

Our love is rather a business
A barter business
Of giving and taking

Love does not expect
But we expect to be loved
Attach conditions to it

We hope for salvation
And are like beggars
But true love does not beg

When we love God
We only want to be with Him
And are happy without a wish

Love gives, it does not take
It sacrifices and shares
It is the essence of God

Love serves all people
That is unconditional love
Not just by words, but by deeds…

DidiArtist, 20.02.2022