Man is still an animal

Some have not yet understood
That violence only sows violence
Some have not yet understood
That they cannot speak for all
But pretend that this is the case
Some have not yet understood
That we are all one big family
We all have one common planet
That we should all share
In peace and harmony
By helping each other

Bloodshed is not justified by anything
Pretexts are sought for wars
All lies are welcome
To gain advantages
An inhuman power and posturing

Man is still a wild animal
He proves that with his cruel deeds…

DidiArtist, 21.03.2022

4 comments on “Man is still an animal

  1. Always true. We tend to delude ourselves into thinking we should be “beyond” being animals, in the thought that humans have somehow hijacked evolution for us to progress past our murderous urges. Some of us call such events, as what occurs nowadays, as “history catching up with us”. It isn’t. It’s always the present, because we can’t bury who we are.

    We feign sincerity and kindness, whenever we think we are, while half the world still burns down. Our happiness is only a falsehood, while there are still fires on the horizon. Even so, we should be grateful that we weren’t born on a battlefield with a Glock as a pacifier as an infant.

    The only thing that seems to catch up with us is our delusions of believing we are past brutal ways, past the hatred, or past the fear. The only thing that keeps us past it is that it isn’t in our backyard.

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    • Thanks a lot, dear friend for your great comment and support to my blog πŸ™‚
      The problem is that we think we know us, but in fact we do not know us very much, otherwise we would much better understand the motives that causes our doings and sayings – we are sleeping with open eyes to it and are not aware how our own mind controls us in this way or another – first thing is to help us to understand is to understand our own mind with strict honesty towards ourselves. This is a kind of consciousness we all need to improve our path on the way of becoming a human being in its real sense.

      Thank you again, my friend
      Stay healthy
      All the best

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