Ego and Pride

He who considers himself a good person
Ego and pride speak from him
Usually, he is unaware of it….

DidiArtist, 28.01.2022

False conclusion

Generalization without differentiation
Leads to a false conclusion

Unfortunately, we people tend to generalize…

DididArtist, 26.01.2022

Unbreakable truth

The truth does not lie in separation
In the splitting off, in individual fragments
It lies in the unity of all things – in Oneness

DidiArtist, 26.01.2022

Battleground Earth

The world is like a gigantic arena
Where battles for power are fought
Where cunning and guile reign
Battles of good and evil
Are the order of the day
Everyone is involved
In the struggle for life
Living in countries
Threatening each other

But our earth is not proud
Of this creature called man
Who is not a glorious gladiator
Who destroys, annihilates himself
Having no respect for nature
Is only a hollow shell
Where humanity is still missing…

DidiArstist, 26.01.2022

Life in darkness

Some only know the untruth
The truth is a foreign word for them

Darkness has no consciousness…

DidiArtist, 31.03.2022

One without a heart

One stands before the people
Pretends to speak with the voice of the people

One who orders to kill, to wage war
In the name of the people

But one is not the people
As he is the only one

One who represents his own interests
But not the interests of his people

He is one who twists words
One who gives the people no choice

One who does everything to deceive the people
To adopt his selfish interests

One who kills women and children
And says it was the others who kill

One who threatens other peoples
Calls those who refuse to obey traitors

One who builds threat backdrops
Sells politics as a necessity, as defence

One who does not know what war really means
One who carries out plans behind a desk

One who knows no pity
One who has a black heart

One who has fear in him
He could be recognised

What a monster he truly is….

DidiArtist, 31.03.2022

Time to remember

We are all members of the One
Members of Oneness
Unfortunately, we have forgotten

Isn’t it time to re-member?

DidiArtist, 02.03.2022

Understanding oneself is the hardest thing to do

Only when we begin to understand ourselves
We can begin to understand others

DidiArtist, 02.03.2022

What man does, reveals him

A dictator is not a dictator by himself
He is dictated by his own desires and intentions
Is under the control of his mind
Thus his control over people and states
Is only a copy of the control of his mind….

Not a strong man – a weak man….

DidiArtist, 02.03.2022