Battleground Earth

The world is like a gigantic arena
Where battles for power are fought
Where cunning and guile reign
Battles of good and evil
Are the order of the day
Everyone is involved
In the struggle for life
Living in countries
Threatening each other

But our earth is not proud
Of this creature called man
Who is not a glorious gladiator
Who destroys, annihilates himself
Having no respect for nature
Is only a hollow shell
Where humanity is still missing…

DidiArstist, 26.01.2022


14 comments on “Battleground Earth

    • Indeed, dear John – most of the people do not want war, but there are few people who have an appetite for power and control – they are in fact a big problem for the whole world. We so much in justice in the world: More and more people become poor, while more and more people become rich – they take the money from the poor people, they abuse nature and people. We need people like Ghandi and holy Saints who have shown us how to live, they were living examples even in times of difficulties. However, an empty stomach is only busy how to survive, how to get food and water, such thoughts are limited to the very needy things.

      I hope it is not to late that mankind will finally grow out the of the shoes of ignorance and egoism.

      Thank you very much, dear friend πŸ™‚
      May there be peace on earth and harmony between peoples and people.

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