Humanity trampled

How can one person alone
Decide about war and peace?
A human being who does not have within himself
Peace and peaceful intentions
Who acts solely according to his egoistic goals
Who goes through war and simulation in his head
Who litter the population with fakes
Imprints a false image on them
Inoculates enemy images in them
Uses them as an instrument of power

Well, such people will also pass away
They do not last forever
History will judge them
How little humanity they have
Their dark heart threatens the world
They will go down in history
Not as heroes, not as paragons of humanity
They will be looked upon with disgust and pity
To a dark time of mankind

These people are a tumour for humanity
They have not learned to live in peace with everyone
They themselves are only puppets of their corrupted minds
They are after power, conquest, control
They have lost all reality
They think they are righteous people
But are blind against themselves

When will mankind finally will learn its lesson….

DidiArtist, 24.02.2022

A liar is not believed

A liar is not believed
A dictator is full of lies
He twists the facts
For his own benefit

The word of a dictator
Is null and void
Does not deserve trust
It shows the coward
To face the truth

He plays with words
Laying them out like the wind blows
Deceives people
Is pathetic in his actions

Threats are his instruments
On which he plays his music
The dream of conquest and world power
He does not abide by human guidelines
Is a tyrant, a destroyer

Today he gives promises
Tomorrow he breaks them
He brings suffering upon nations
Is an inhuman ruler

History has already shown
Where such way leads to…

DidiArtist, 24.02.2022

Expression of tears

Tears speak of:
Fear, powerlessness, helplessness.
Are flowing feelings

Tears express:
Worry, loss, grief
Are heartfelt feelings

Tears flow with:
Joy, compassion, love
Are spontaneous feelings

Tears inform about:
Health, well-being, condition
Are reactionary feelings

Tears come with:
Happiness, sorrow, suffering
Are valve-opening feelings

Tears are liberating…

DidiArtist, 26.02.2022

Wolf in sheep’s clothes

He wears a mask
Until his hour
His opportunity comes
When his plan takes shape
Is realized in the underground
Then he removes the mask
And shows his true face
Exposes his teeth
In his appetite
To kill and conquer
To swallow his victim…

DidiArtist, 26.02.2022

Soul and heart cannot be broken

A dictatorial tyrant may invade a country
May cause inhuman disasters
Kill thousands of innocent people
Spreading fear and terror
May conquer the whole country
Sow violence and inhumanity
But soul and heart cannot be broken
Can never be killed
Used for his evil purpose

Love, truth, and dignity cannot be destroyed
Not even by the worst dictator

DidiArtist, 26.02.2022

Animal or human

In war, the true character of a man is revealed
That of the instigator and the one who carries it out

DidiArtist, 25.02.202

In the beginning was the WORD of God…

From the WORD of GOD, His creation was born
From oneness arose multiplicity
But the multiplicity lives in the unity
Lives in ONENESS
Is ONE with HIM
As all SOULS are

Beyond all causes

DidisArist, 27.02.2022

One and One is One

Life and death is one
Beginning and end is one
Time and space is one
Finiteness and infinity is one
Destruction and construction is one
Fear and courage is one
Positive and negative is one

One and one is one
One is not one
It is being and not being
Meditation of Wordless Words

Morning beyond matter and mind…

DidisArist, 27.02.2022

Is not better or worse

Just because someone has a title
Doesn’t make him better or worse
But we treat him that way
Because he wants to be treated that way too

Just because someone has a talent
They’re not better or worse

Just because someone has a leadership role
Is not better or worse

Just because someone is president
Is not better or worse

Whatever role we play in life
It is no better or worse than others

Why? Because we are all human beings first and foremost
Are no better or worse
Because we are what we are:

Human beings with human ups and downs
Human beings with human weaknesses and strengths
People who need each other in good and bad times

However, we should respect every human being with dignity.
Not regard him as property
Or lay claim to him

DidiArtist, 01.03.2022


When we make a mistake
We cover it up as best we can
By trivializing it…

DidiArtist, 12.12.2021

In the clutches of hate and anger

Hate is like a barb
It bores firmly into the one
Whom this dark wave rolls over
Makes it nearly impossible
To releases him again
From these clutches
Of the negative power

Hate grows in the head
like a carcinoma that spreads
To other people
Who feel affected
Like proliferating metastases…

DidiArtist, 13.06.2022

Greatest Zionism

A Nazi says loudly:
Time to denazify the world….

Massive propaganda is his emblem
To deceive his own people
To silence them with threats

His agenda: to spread lies
His strategy: to justify war

Lies are his tools
To convince, to deceive

He isolates his own population
So that the truth cannot penetrate….

DidiArtist, 18.03.2022

Time to change

Yes, we want salvation
But don’t lift a finger
In truth
We want to keep on sinning
Without admitting it
We want to take our dirt, our ego
To Paradise
To the Father’s House
Hide ourselves
Behind the words of Jesus Christ:
“He took away our sins”….

We lack honesty
To give a turn to our life….

Those who really love God and His creation
They are not after salvation
They want only to be with God
To live and die for Him
To be in His Will

DidiArtist, 12.12.2021

When evil begins

The evil in the world begins with this:
That we see the evil in others
Not or hardly in ourselves

This is what all competent Masters say

DidiArtist, 20.03.2022

Inside begins the true path

The river cannot contain the size of the ocean
Fails on the outside to answer all questions
Doubt and uncertainty arise under mind and intellect

If we try to find the truth only on the outside
We get entangled in numerous labyrinths
Struggle against others for the sake of being right

When we turn inwardly
Under the guidance of God
The gate of light and truth will open

Doubt and uncertainty dissolve
The drop becomes the ocean
All questions and answers become silent…

DidiArtis, 10.01.2022

Violence as an expression of weakness

Violence is never the solution to a problem
It only reveals the inability to find a solution
To drown it in a blind rage
Or to pursue selfish goals

DidiArtist, 02.03.2022

Deceiving oneself and others

A liar must keep on lying
Spreading lies around the world
So that his credibility does not suffer
So that he may still look good for his people

When he commits cruel deeds
Overrunning a country with war
To slaughter children, women, civilians
He needs propaganda lies

He shuts down all sources of information
Other than his lies
So that his own people don’t know the truth

He lies and lies
In the end, he believes
That his lie is the truth

He may deceive his people
But he cannot deceive God
He has lost his conscience…

DidiArtist, 04.04.2022

Eternal Love

Love does not destroy
Love builds up
Love sacrifices
Love gives
Love shares
Love serves
Love heals
Love unites
Love cries
Love shines

Love is the stream of light in the heart
Bondage between God and soul

DidiArtist, 26.02.2022

Fight for so-called glory and honour

Man does not consist
Only of clothes in his outward appearance
He carries symbols, labels
Of different cultures
Customs and traditions
No, he wears these clothes
Inside too

For these differences, he starts wars
Wants to make his difference as his crown
But when he takes off his clothes
Inside and outside
Then he sees that we are all the same
Are one race: Are human beings

Shouldn’t we finally start
Change our point of view?
Shouldn’t we stop wars and hatred?
Envy, greed, ego, lust for power
To take them off like a superfluous dress?

Shouldn’t we be as natural
As a human child comes into the world
Innocent and unsullied?

Then difference merges into oneness
And all differences cease to exist

Then the difference does not lead to war
It leads to trust, understanding, and respect

There is only one way of unity
The way of love…

DidiArtist, 07.04.2022