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    • Thank you, dear Dany πŸ™‚
      Yes, sometimes we do not see what is done to us, as our mind eyes are often blind and when we are conscious of a certain thing – then thankfulness is touching our heart.
      Nice poem πŸ™‚
      Have a good time

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  1. Imagine you are a child who, lying on his back with his eyes turned to the cloudless sky, face soap bubbles with a plastic ring.As soon as the bubble comes off, you look at it as it rises in the sky, and so shifting the attention from the bubble to the sky, while observing the bubble, it bursts, but the attention for a moment remains where the bubble was in. Behold, in that moment the awareness settles in the empty space. ”

    B. Alan Wallace

    Thanks dear Didi, everything is wonderful to be grateful for, yet we do not know how to see opportunities. A big hug. Dany

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    • Indeed, dear Harbans but often we do not understand what the great Power is doing for us. Our mother earth once said: “When my children are naughty and fight against each other, I may stand this, but what I cannot bear is that when my children are ungrateful…”

      Thanks, my friend
      All good wishes

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      • DIDI Sir,

        Yes to be ungrateful is a sin.
        But to be thankful for what we possess is a a sublime habit. I also say that what we do not have but want very passionately, we should thank God for this also since to have that wish fructified may not be in our overall interest.

        With warm regards,

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        • Yes, dear Harbans, it is said: “Everyone who possess more than necessity, is a sin…” So we should live a simple life and we not much possession and as the philosopher Frriedrich Nietzsche said: “The more one posses the more one will be possessed by his own possession.” Wherever we come in contact with, be it a tree that gives us shadow when the sun is shining strongly, be it a human being that comes across our life, be it a situation that has influence on us… for all we should be thankful and those things that are not so pleasant as God is the Doer and sometimes we also have to take bitter pills in our learning process.

          Thanks my friend
          Good wishes

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          • Didi Sir,

            Enlightening indeed. The analogy of a tree is obviously educative in nature.

            It is all due to the grace of our GOD that we are anything or everything.


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            • Dear friend Harbans – in fact we are nothing, as long our personality in the form of I and ego is there, there is not only duality, the separation from God, it means in fact that we are also Maya, illusion. Why we are nothing? Because there is only One existing and that is God. God became many and so we (our souls) are part of Him – this broken mirror must become One again – when we are away then God is there, when we (our mind) are there, then we are separated from God….then God cannot be there…

              All knowledge is already in us, all questions and answers, in the deep silence of our innermost being. There were even holy Saints and persons they have never even read one book but nevertheless they had this gyan inside themselves.

              Thank you dear Harbans
              All good wishes and light in your heart

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    • That’s great, dear Ragazza – in being thankful for thousands of little things that come across our daily life – we remember by this also the great Giver – in thankfulness to God.

      Have a peaceful time, my dear friend
      From heart to heart


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