Lost in darkness


Scarred mind
Pierced through words
Blood-tripping bodies
In daily meetings
From man to man

Hateful eyes
Stray around
In fear
Yet searching
To feel oneself
Own pain

Thoughts break out
Fight against each other
Lonesome people, lost
In search
Of themselves

Thoughts break into pieces
No way, no goal
Wandering in darkness
Escaping from the light
Create their own prison…

DidiArtist, 25.08.2013


36 comments on “Lost in darkness

  1. Very nicely done βœ…. Great use of contrast of light and darkness. I felt I was watching a movie πŸŽ₯. All I needed was popcorn 🍿. Then you would hear my mind screaming, β€œGO TOWARDS THE LIGHT, GO….🀣

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    • Thank you very much dear friend and often parts of our life appears like a movie… we are indeed the oberserver of our life at the same time (our soul) – may we listen more often to what our voiceless soul has to tell us…

      In thankfulness

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