Well of the heart


Mind, self-reflecting sound
Hardly bears the silence
It comes with fear and doubts
Performing violence

In the well of the heart
The smile of sunshine always there
Is never far from you, apart
But comes with light and care

The mind may cry
To touch an empty wish
And feels so dry
Without the conquered dish

When mind is finally so still
It enters silent places
No longer in its will
But follows inner traces

So be in sunshine, not in doubt
Aware of inner voice
Embraced by light and sound
Without the worldly noise

DidiArtis, 16.08.2012


27 comments on “Well of the heart

    • Thanks, dear Pete – Yes I like this kind of digital Art. It is always a merging of different photos to create a story mostly going along with the poem that I have written and then bring those photos, like a photo-collage, together and use some special filters that a total new photo comes into being. I use own photos for that purpose but also free photos (copyright free) – like wallpaper photos to do that job. Sometimes one photo consists of more than 10 different photos. The outcome is then a fantsy photo.

      Enjoy your evening, Pete πŸ™‚

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  1. Well of the heart
    is so deep
    but its water is very sweet
    with it, it contains everything
    that is required for living
    a purposeful life so inspiring.

    This well gives joy
    to the one
    who just dives
    into it
    with purity
    get immersed
    thereby getting eternal light
    by the mysticism
    which the heart possesses
    in its soft recesses.

    Thanks sharing beautiful lines on the heart.


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