Wise men should lead



People who bark like dogs
Should not lead nations

People who prefer rich people
Should not lead nations

People who are corrupt
Should not lead nations

People who play with the power
Should not lead nations

People who praise themselves
Should not lead nations

People who are in love with themselves
Should not lead nations

People who are bossy
Should not lead nations

People who think about money and titles first
Should not lead nations

People who condemn and judge others
Should not lead nations

People who line their own pockets
Should not lead nations

Wise people should lead,
Those who share with others
Those who always help for the sake of humanity
Those who win people through cordiality
Those who make wise decisions
Those who sow justice among people
Those who unite people, not separate them
Those who create confidence
Those who are honest through and through.
Those who learn from their own mistakes
Those who have a heart

What about our state leaders
Are they wise?

DidiArtist 13.04.2020


15 comments on “Wise men should lead

  1. Affirmative indeed, those people who adopt all the egocentric tendencies in order to showcase their power and pelf should be lead the people since they think and act selfishly.


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    • Thank you, dear friend Harbans πŸ™‚
      Plato once has written “My State” that only chosen ones with a special eduction to be wise enough to govern peoples and nations should be the proper state leaders, not those who are more interested in money, title, power and reputation without wisdom, inner spirtual wealth. We are really in need of those wise men – may the future be represented by them – and we all will gain more humanity.

      All the best my friend and warm regards


  2. So very true, Didi. Here we have people who favour only one race and religion and it’s getting worst by the day. Sending you much love and light this beautiful Wednesday. (β‹ˆβ—οΌžβ—‘οΌœβ—)γ€‚βœ§β™‘

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    • Yes, our whole society should change with better values, noble thoughts and a service to man wherever possible – not for the own ego (as pride) but for the benefit of our fellow human beings. As long as our society’s emblem is violence, sex, crime etc. how can our children become better persons? So we have to change our ideals within the societey with better and stronger virtues, with positve values, higher values of life – then we will also have better statesmen instead of glorify and spread negative behaviour, thoughts and habits.

      A great Wednesday to you too, my dear friend. Much love

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    • Welcome, dear Chuck – Yes, it is a pity and really not understandable that people can vote such a leader in your country – where has the level of wisdom and right understanding has gone…
      Have a great time, my fiend and thank you πŸ™‚


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