15 comments on “Not Always Comfortable

      • Always happy to share your posts, Didi!! Yes, things are great. How about You, My friend? Are you able to get around or are you in a Stay At Home place? We are Stay At Home. Going a little Stir Crazy!

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        • Hi, dear Chuck,

          Here in Finland we have much space, the country in its size is almost as big as Germany, but only 5.5 million inhabitants are living here. Means, there are not many people concentrated within a certain space (only the capital area) – but I am living in the country side. Although we are isolated, we nevertheless can go out to the forest or a nearby lake. Sometimes my wife and I go to a lake take some tea and busicuits with us, sit there on a bench and watch the sunset – this helps to ease your mind and so you do not feel that isolation so strongly. Only sometimes we go shopping but then wear a mask and after it change clothes and the like. We also have a garden here and soon, when it is getting warmer, we are going to grow some vegetables and potatoes there. So we can always be in fresh air and do something constructive. This all gives us much freedom within isolation. But of course we miss our children and grandchildren (which we can see via internet cams). Hope you and yourr have some good hobbies during these difficult times that your time is filled positively.
          All the best, my friend 🙂


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