Lack of Love



There are people, they harm themselves
Expose themselves to pain self-created
To feel they are still alive

They do it not knowing
It is an act of self-punishment
Not to be loved so much

As a lack of love and self-love

May we all treat us with love
That no-one is excluded from this shower…

That no-none searches happiness
In a self-refuge of tasting own pain…

DidiArtist, 01.05.2019


11 comments on “Lack of Love

  1. Dear friend, there are mentally I’ll people that are themself because their reality is to painful. Does it make sense to you didi? It is true and sad as well. There is little hope for the. Self arm is terrible. I know it. I used to do it but it was almost as a wake up call to reality. Hope you unders6my English as trying to explain something difficult to explain. I enjoy your Site. Ty

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