Right understanding 7 – by Sant Kirpal Singh

My dear blogging friends,
Here another continued video of the series: Right Understanding – by Sant Kirpal Singh

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5 comments on “Right understanding 7 – by Sant Kirpal Singh

  1. Dear friend,

    I give an example: If a mother hears his child crying then it can differentiate if the child needs really help or not. If the child has fallen down to the ground it is spontaniously crying heavenly – this is a natural process – and everything which is natural, not done artificially, which is a real cry from the heart, this can surely be hurt by God – but we usually pray to have some own wishes fulfilled – to stay healthy, to be wealthy, to ask this and that from God – mostly for our own benefit – but when we pray with a loud outcry of our heart to help others (not to think first of ourselves) these are real prayers and are surely be heard by God. So it is important to know how to pray, how to reach God in us…

    Sant Kirpal Singh has written a book about it, which I would like to recommend to you:

    Click to access Prayer_engl_2019.pdf

    This book (in PDF-Format) is freely available.

    All your questions will surely find answers from this book.

    All the best 🙂

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